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uniform sequence 05 fix

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About This File

This is a file for those who create uni's.There has been a problem with created unis that in game during

daylight,the unis have a lighter color on the front of the jersey and the back is darker.Thanx goes to

mcoll86 for his ideas and his testing on files id send him.

Just unzip the files anywhere u want and make sure u save a copy of this file somewhere and just make another

copy everytime u want to make another uni.

what i do is i place this file inside the modtool folder for easy access.

use the mod tool to extract the 05 sequence of the uni u want to mod.Example(uniform_sem_away.iff)

mod the uni however u want.I prefer to use photoshop

Once u are finished modding ur uni ,open my 05 fixed file in photoshop.

Go back to ur modded uni in photoshop.

At the top choose the select tab and then choose all.

Then go to the edit tab and choose copy.

Go back to my 05 fix and choose paste and paste ur 05 on my 05 fix.

Now choose the file tab andf choose save as and save it as a (DXT5 ARGB 8 bpp | interpolated alpha)with mipmaps

Reaname it anything that u want.

Go back to the modtool and import the new 05 that u just created.

Now put the uniform back in game and run a day game and now jersey should have normal shadowing and light

REMEMBER BACK UP THE ORIGINAL UNIFORM file in case something messed up in the process

thats all there is to it.


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