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Giants Retro 1.0

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About This File

There are 2 folders One for those that have Tys roster editor and one for those

that dont.There are 3 methods to installing.

Tys Editor Instructions

U can install these into the main mlb 2k12 folder and they will not overwrite any file.

Open Tys editor and import the info from the text file included.These unis will have

the correct color codes

Normal Install instructions

WARNING BACK UP ORIGINAL FILES as these will overwrite the originals.Unzip into

the main mlb2k12 folder.Start game these will NOT have the correct color codes because

of the way 2k does their files

Generic Mod Enabler(use the files in the normal install)

This is the best way for those who dont have tys editor and dont want to over write the originals.

Download from http://www.users.on.net/~jscones/software/products-jsgme.html

and follow thier directions.Once installed there should be a folder called *MODS*

Inside this folder u can create another folder.For example if u just want national league

modded unis name a folder NATIONAL LEAGUE and place my unzipped uni files

inside this folder.Start the enabler and choose the folder that has the mods

then start the game and the unis should be available.If u want to revert back to the originals

then just shut down the enabler again these will not have the correct color codes

At the turn of the century,the NY Giants were one of the solid teams despite

thier low position in the standings.With a huge population base and spacious

polo grounds asthe premier park in baseball,they survived the leagues cut

from 12 teams to 8 in 1899.Hated rival Brooklyn was the class of the league

at that time but before too many years the tables would turn.Fiery John MCGraw

was lured away from the new american league in 1902 to become the Giants

player- manager and an winning tradition would soon follow.The 1900's were

pretty standard,white ta home and grey on the road and the name new york

in arched block letters.Trim colors were either brown or black.

By 1905 (McGraws 2nd pennant year) the new york was replace by large capital N Y

on the right and left breast.After refusing to participate in a post season series against

the american league champs in 1904 the Giants relented in 1905.Connie Macks

Athetics were the opponents and McGraw presented special all black unis for

world series play.The large NY in white letters wer duplicated on the jerseys.

The psycology worked as the Giants were victors,a fact that woulod not be neglected

and they became the new uniform for the 1906 season.Still gloating over thier win

they added "WORLD CHAMPIONS" on the front of thier jerseys.These unis had another unusual feature,

they replaced the normal fold down collar with a "collarless" shirt.Failing to repeat

in 1906(the cubs won 116 games that year) They decided to go back to the 1905 unis for the

1907 season.

In 1911 the trim color once again was black and fine blue pinstripes were present

in the fabric.Also a change with the caps now had the NY in white on black caps.

The new torkers once again won the pennant and were to face the same Athletics

for the fall classic and once again McGraw ordered the all black unis but this time with

the logo on the left sleeve.But this time the mackmen prevailed and the all black

unis would be retired permanently.

The status quo of major league baseball was challlenged again during the

1914-1915 season as a new Federal League was a 3rd major league.Player threats

and salary demands were esculating.The new league collapsed after the 1915 season.

Stability was again restored.The new Giants uniforms of the 1916 season was a

provacative new design.Vilolet was the trim color but the real surprise was the fabric

It was a cross hatched affect of a few fine purple stripes that provided a plaid look.

and over sized NY was placed on the left breast.An optional cap made in "athetics layer cake"type were used.

Another unusual road uni was made as well.

1932 was John McGraws last season as manager of the Giants.Bill Terry took over

in 33 but would never be the same for Giants fans.The new uniforms for the 33 season included

some new changes as well as orange and black were nominated as the team colors.

A world series victory helped offset the mcGraw exit.The era ended officially

when McGraw passed away in 1934.In 1936 a new color scheme was again created as royal blue

was the new solo color.And other color schemes came nto play over the next few

years until 1949 when the black and orange were reintroduced.The letter style

of new york and giants was retained but with black and orange borders.Caps ,undershirts

and stockings were all black,and the NY on the cap was now orange.Piping was

orange and black along the sleeve ends and down the legs of the trousers.

This uniform set the longest run in club history and some of the most glorious

moments in giants lore occured in these years like willie mays making his debut in 1951

and bobby thompsons pennant winning homer in 51 and sadly was the last uniform

worn at the polo grounds in 1957.

Like the Dodgers the Giants moved to the west coast and moved into san francisco.

The giants retained the same look except for now the jerseys had san francisco

and SF on the caps but they were still the giants and a new pennant in 1962

withy new heroes marichal and mccovey and solidified thier west coast indentity.

Finally in 1973 the giants made a minor adjustment to their uniform as

they reversed the ornage and black arrangements and lasted thru the bicentennial year.

In 1977 they changed to the pull over and beltless trousers and introduced for the

first time thier script version of "Giants" and also the uniform number was placed on the jersey

fronts as well.This uni lasted thru 1982.

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