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Nationals(Expos) Retro 2.0

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About This File

There are 2 folders One for those that have Tys roster editor and one for those

that dont.There are 3 methods to installing.

Tys Editor Instructions

U can install these into the main mlb 2k12 folder and they will not overwrite any file.

Open Tys editor and import the info from the text file included.These unis will have

the correct color codes

Normal Install instructions

WARNING BACK UP ORIGINAL FILES as these will overwrite the originals.Unzip into

the main mlb2k12 folder.Start game these will NOT have the correct color codes because

of the way 2k does their files

Generic Mod Enabler(use the files in the normal install)

This is the best way for those who dont have tys editor and dont want to over write the originals.

Download from http://www.users.on....ucts-jsgme.html

and follow thier directions.Once installed there should be a folder called *MODS*

Inside this folder u can create another folder.For example if u just want national league

modded unis name a folder NATIONAL LEAGUE and place my unzipped uni files

inside this folder.Start the enabler and choose the folder that has the mods

then start the game and the unis should be available.If u want to revert back to the originals

then just shut down the enabler again these will not have the correct color codes

On May 27 1968 the national sport became international as the National League

awarded the city of Montreal one of the 2 expansion franchises for the 1969 season.

Inspired by the worlds fair the name Expos was chosen as the new team nickname.

They were to play their home games at Jarry Park the home field of the former AAA

International League.Red white and royal blue was chosen as the team colors

keeping with the prevalent French speaking influences,A large stylized M in these 3 colors

was designed as a team emblem and would be on the left breast of the jersey.The

logo was quite unique it actually was an "Meb".The M was the whole Emblem while the

small red area was the "e" and the blue area was the "b" and it stood for Montreal Expos Baseball.

The home uni was regulation white while the road unis would be powder blue.

Undershirts and socks were blue while the caps had a blue bill,white front and red center

and blue in the back.Even in the mid 70's when most teams went with the double knit unis,

the Expos kept the button down style.They remained unchanged until 1981

when they added a blue and red stripe from the sleeve ends up to the neck line and

and down the sides of the jersey and down the sides of the pants.

On September 29 2004 MLB annonced that the Expos would move to Washington DC.

The Expos finished their final game at Shea Stadium against the Mets who was the first opponent

they faced at its start 35 years earlier.

A few teams called Washington DC home.The Senators who were one of the founding mebers of the AL

Played thier from 1901 to 1960 and moved to Minnesota to become the Twins.

A second Washington Senators from 1961-1971 then moved to Arlinton Texas

to become the Rangers.Washington then spent the next 33 years without a team.

Although there was sentiment to revive the name Senators,political considerations

factored into the choice Nationals.Politicians and others in the District Of Columbia

objected to the name Senators because DC does not have voting representation

in congress.In addition the Texas Rangers still had the owning rights to the

Senators name.Coincidently sitting in as president at the time was former owner

of the Rangers George W Bush.There was also more opposition from Peter Angelos

owner of nearby Baltimore Orioles.They had been the only franchise in the Balto Wash Metro area.

He had considered it as a single market.He contended that the O's would suffer

finacially if another team entered the market even though they shared the market from 1954 thru 1971.

This reasoning disturbed many in Washington as they recalled it was the Senators who

allowed the St Louis Browns to move to Balto in 1954.March 31 2005 Angelos and MLB

struck a deal against any finacial harm the Nationals might present.Under the terms

television and radio rights to Nationals games are handled by the O's.Fans

were frustrated because for the first 2 season most in the DC area missed almost the entirety

of the Nats first 2 seasons.The Nationals are the only team who does not own thier own broadcast rights.

These are from the 1981 home and away and the 1995 home and away.The files are the home, away,alt 1 and alt 2

What's New in Version 2.0   See changelog


  • Added the files for tys editor that i forgot to include

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