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Orioles/Browns Retro 1.0

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There are 2 folders One for those that have Tys roster editor and one for those

that dont.There are 3 methods to installing.

Tys Editor Instructions

U can install these into the main mlb 2k12 folder and they will not overwrite any file.

Open Tys editor and import the info from the text file included.These unis will have

the correct color codes

Normal Install instructions

WARNING BACK UP ORIGINAL FILES as these will overwrite the originals.Unzip into

the main mlb2k12 folder.Start game these will NOT have the correct color codes because

of the way 2k does their files

Generic Mod Enabler(use the files in the normal install)

This is the best way for those who dont have tys editor and dont want to over write the originals.

Download from http://www.users.on.net/~jscones/software/products-jsgme.html

and follow thier directions.Once installed there should be a folder called *MODS*

Inside this folder u can create another folder.For example if u just want national league

modded unis name a folder NATIONAL LEAGUE and place my unzipped uni files

inside this folder.Start the enabler and choose the folder that has the mods

then start the game and the unis should be available.If u want to revert back to the originals

then just shut down the enabler again these will not have the correct color codes

When Ben Johnson decided to make the American League a "major league"in 1901

it was important to establish a foothold in major eastern cities and Baltimore had

recent history of success with the legendary NL Orioles of the 1890's and was eager

to reenter the major leagues.Ex Oriole John McGraw was hired as manager.

The home version of the Orioles uniforms are uncertain but the road unis were well documented,

and extrordinary,black caps,black shirts with a yellow orange"O" on the left breast,black pants

yellow belt and black and yellow striped stockings inspired by natures namesakes and these unis

were often ridiculed by most of the american league cities they visited.McGraw had a passion

for black uniforms but by the end of 1901 he had enough and so for 1902 the uniforms were more conventional.

Unfortunatly attendance was disappointing and so the time was ripe to move to

a lucrative New York City area in 1903 and became the NY Americans or also known

as the Highlanders then later became the NY Yankees.For the next 50 years Baltimore

remained a minor league team but were one of the most successful operations in the International League.


St Louis became Major League team in 1902 as a transfer team from Milwaukee.

Since the NL had the St Louis Cardinals so they became a new AL franchise.They were

christened as the Browns as a team that used to play in the American Association

a decade earlier.Of course Brown was the primary trim colors for 52 years of the franchises life.

Only the Giants in rare times and the Padres in modern times would use brown as a trim color.

When the St Louis Browns became clearly hopeless by the early 50's,Baltimore

was once again was proposed as franchise shift.So in 1954 Baltimore was again a major

leagfue team.The uniforms were a continuation of the AAA team.Both home whites and road greys

featured a slanted script Orioles in orange and black across the chest.The black

caps had an Oriole bird with appropriate coloring.Black stocking with 3 orange stripes.

The first season Balto lost 100 games but thanks to the hapless A's the O's avoided

a last place finish.

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