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Wudl's roster and slider set BETA V 0.3

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This set is meant for more gameplay realism. You should not look too much at the OVR of the players.

I included my slider set also for those who want to test it. I recommend to use my or Mkharh's sliders.

They can both be found at operationsports.com: http://www.operation...mlb-2k-sliders/

05/15/2012 - Beta V 0.3


- updated the current 25 man rosters of the AL central

- same edits as V 0.1 and 0.2 for the current AL central 25 man rosters

- updated AL West and AL East 25 man rosters, lineups and rotations

- changed all position abilities of the players of the current AL 25 man rosters for the AL

05/15/2012 - Beta V 0.2


- I edited the current 25 man rosters of the AL East

- same edits as V 0.1

- updated the 25 man rosters of AL West teams as far as moves were made

- 25 man rosters, lineups and pitchting rotations of AL West and AL East updated

(base: www.mlbdepthcharts.com)

05/12/2012 - Beta V 0.1


- I only finished the 25 man rosters of the AL West teams by now. I did not touch any other teams

- I edited nearly every rating (batting, pitching, fielding) and tendencies as well as position abilities

and pitch types of all players on the 25 man rosters of those teams

- The game should play way more realistic now (as far as I can tell at least) since I looked deep into

split stats which 2k hadn't done obviously

- the contact ratings should overall be a little lower which lowers the amount of pop ups and flyballs

- in my test games I had pretty accurate scores and stats. I had low scoring games and high scoring games,

a fine amount of walks and k's, enough extra-base hits, and so on

- the ingame ratings are all based on a system. I made a excel sheet for it to assign accurate ratings which

are depending on the real life stats of the players



- Take the two files that are included in the folder and copy them into your MLB 2k12 saves folder

(They both are named "bambooland")

- Start the game and load the two files

- Maybe some guys show up with a generic bald head as far as you haven't downloaded the cyberfaces of

DetroitStyle and me over at mvpmods.com. I would recommend downloading them. It only takes a few minutes



- Use CLASSIC HITTNG and TOTAL CONTROL PITCHING, I have not tested analog hitting since I hate it


- work the pitch count



- especially to BSU-Fan who allowed me to use his first roster version as a base (BIG THANK YOU)

- Detroit-Style for his color chart I included

- to all the rosters guys out there

If you have further questions or suggestions please visit my thread over at operationsports.com:


What's New in Version BETA V 0.3   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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