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Mod making walk though


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Ok, so I'm pretty new to the MVP Baseball side of the mod game, though I have been making mods and changing them for the NHL series for almost 2 years now, and what I really need is a walk though on how to import, and ultamatly get the mods in the game!

I already have a few textures made, I just wanna know how to import them into the game.

This is for MVP Baseball 2005 ;)

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if it's for 2005, then you are in the wrong section.

Can you give me some sites like this for NHL games.

Go Canadiens!!!!!!

Not try to spam or anything, but nhldepot.net, doubleminor.net, and intheslot.net are all great hockey mod sites.

And if I shouldn't have posted this thread in this section, then where should I have posted it?

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