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Road to the Show: The Life of a Minor League Ballplayer!


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Here's the deal, once the Ultimate Roster Set is released the Ultimate Life of a Baseball Player Diary will be started, the diary will focus in on an up and coming star in the Washington Nationals system. He will be a real player however what he does (i.e. Stuff he buys like cars etc...) will be fully fictional. It will be similar to a diary of a real life person however it will focus in on the players life and career.

He will chronical everything from roadtrips to roommates, and of course it will focus in on the games, and his performance.

The player and his position will be determined BY YOU...SO I NEED YOUR FEEDBACK!

What Position Should the PLAYER play (I will take control of the best overall player in Single-A at the position)...If voting for Pitcher please specify RP or SP...

Finally some notes about how the Dynasty will be run.

The Nationals will be limited to one trade in the months of April, and May, They will be allowed 2 in June and through July 14. However July 15-30 will be allowed 3 trades...Finally on the trade deadline the Nationals will be allowed 3 additional trades. (CPU deals will be counted torward numbers). Free Agents during the season will be unlimited in the minors but restricted to 3 for the MLB team.

Also our player will only progress through the ranks if the opportunity arises, I will not rush him just to get him to the MLB.

If you want to get a feel for the team he will start at or want to see the actual players please visit...



The Road to the Show makes three stops prior to arriving in DC.





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Well, IMHO, there's a huge shortage of relatively fast people at catcher, every year, there appears to be 3 players in MVP who match that description: Kendall, Pudge, and a random prospect. This year, it's Josh Willingham. But I digress.

Any player who is a non-standard player for his position is my suggestion. A quick C, 1B, or 3B, a power-hitting middle infielder, or a knuckleball pitcher would be phenomenal, in my opinion. Ideally, it would be a fast catcher, but I don't know if such a player exists deep in the minors somewhere.

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i pitched for Campbell University (in NC), don't know if you ever heard of it, but we played Duke twice a year. We were actually very good my freshman year, ranked 39th in the nation at one point. We usually beat Duke, but I got the loss that game b/c Broadway hit a ball the seemed to travel to Broadway. I don't think NASA has had sighting of it yet, but who knows...

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Campbell the Camels if I remember correctly. That's quite impressive though, especially considering the fact that we should be seeing Broadway by Sept. in the MLB.

acpython, thanks for the opinions i'll take them into strong consideration when making the final decision.

Rambully GET WORKING...no just kidding take your time your work has yet to not amaze me. Great job as usual with the Brewers aff.

Finally I'm expect to have this up and going by mid-week so stay tuned.

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Rambully GET WORKING...no just kidding take your time your work has yet to not amaze me. Great job as usual with the Brewers aff.

Finally I'm expect to have this up and going by mid-week so stay tuned.

LOL! yeah i'm taking a day off today. think the nats are number 4 on the updated list. i have some really great style sheets for the nationals (cannons in game). and i've collected some nice pics of the AA and AAA squads. not TOO far off though. make sure you grab a copy of the taoma update i put up yesterday, much nicer than the old one. good luck!! back to YOUR thread.

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Finally I've edited the lineups etc...last step prior to the beginning, RENAMING the 68 fake FA's (they will become the top Independent League Players/International in some cases...)

The Diary i've decided will follow one pitcher, and one position player...those players will be chosen by you and the list will be posted tommorrow mid-day....

Finally you must decided should the A-Pitchers pitch like normal teams with a bullpen/closer etc...or would you rather they piggy back?

Piggy Back for those who don't know mean that the 12 pitchers on the team each pair off, 4 groupings of 3. And then they each play 3 innings or 2 if game doesn't go B9...however the pitchers follow this chart...

Pitcher 1-1 IP (1-3)

1-2 (4-6)

1-3 (7-9)

The next game however for these guys is after the other 3 group go, and the order becomes...

1-3 (1-3)

1-1 (4-6)

1-2 (7-9)


1-2 (1-3)

1-3 (4-6)

1-1 (7-9)

etc...so let me know since your opinion matters.

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And so it begins...

First entry...

April 3rd, 2005.

Clint Everts here, whats going on readers? The Nationals organization approached myself and 1B Josh Whitesell about keeping a journal for you during our road to the show, we both graciously accepted.

So I guess you want some details about me huh?

Well here I goes, i'm 20 years old from Cypress, TX. You may know my high school teammate...Scott Kazmir. He and I were great friends and still are today. I spent last season split between Low-A Savannah and High-A Brevand County. This year I'm coming off a shoulder injury that limited my motion in my arm, hopefully it will not affect pitching styles. Speaking of pitches I throw two pitches, A fastball and a Slider, however I throw both a 2 seam and a 4 seamer so it's not all bad, The Director of Player Development Adam Wogan wants me to work on a curve later this year, so we will see how that develops.

Prior to the injury scouts were saying i'd be the ACE of AA or even a AAA starter this year. They all loved my numbers...

7 Wins 3 Losses in 17 starts and a 2.49 ERA at Savannah, then I was moved Brevard for 4 starts I went 2-2 and posted a 2.25 ERA then I got hurt and boom my season was over.

I write this entry as my roommate and good friend Bill Bray (another SP on the team) drives up the interstate from Florida to Potomac, MD. We should arrive in about 3 hours. But for now peace out I'm taking over the driving.


Hey this is Josh Whitesell here, I've just arrived at my new home Potomac, Maryland, it's a decent sized town, but it's nothing special. I will be keeping a journal here for you the fans documenting my trip through the minors, I will be starting at DH against LHP and RHP, and will be playing 1B when the DH rule isn't in effect against RHP. I'm known for my power, but I'll be focusing on raising my average this year (I hit .250 in Savannah).

I've just finished checking into the teams apartments which are located just 7 minutes from the park, they are called the Rolling Brook Village Apartments and the team has rented 10 of them (2-3 Players per apartment). I'll be rooming with Marcus Nettles, an OF who I didn't know until four days ago when the rosters were posted. He joined our organization from the Padres, and he is expected to make AA within a month or so if all goes well. He spilt the time between Lake Elisnore and Mobile last year with the Padres, and played college ball at U. of Miami, so I hope to learn from him. I personally spent three years at Loyola Marymount outside LA prior to being drafted.

I'll update you all later, about 5 of us are all getting together and driving the 3 hours (after our 10 AM practice) to Philly to watch the Nationals season opener, we will be returning April 5th to prepare for the season opener on April 7th against the Salem Avalanche.

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Rolling, Rolling, Rolling...

April 4th entry by Clint Everts

Myself, Bill Bray, Josh Whitesell, Donnie Bridges, and Marcus Nettles all piled into Donnie's 1996 Ford Explorer and away we went. Donnie drove the entire trip which was supposedly gonig to take 3 hours, in 2-30. Anyhow, we pulled up Citizen's Bank Ballpark and unloaded near the players entrance where we would be allowed to enter the ballpark, Donnie's agent had arranged for us to sit with some of the Nationals execs in their private box which may I add was SWEET.

Anyhow onto the game, Brad Wilkerson led the inning off and the first pitch to a National was thrown strike 1. Wilkerson however remained calm and ultimately drilled a single up the middle. He'd be stranded and the Phillies got straight to work scoring 2 runs in the first three innings to lead 2-0.

In the top of the 4th Vinny Castilla and Gary Bennett drove in a run a piece to tie the game. Livan Hernandez pitched well but was pulled for a PH (Wil Cordero) who drew a walk, however the next 3 men all popped up and the inning was over. In the top of the 8th Terrmel Sledge drove in one and we led 3-2. In comes the Closer Chad Cordero for the Bottom of the Ninth...easy right?


First batter, walk, second singles, walk, K, Bases Loaded 1 out... Ground ball got the runner at 3rd only...OUCH Blown Save.

We had to leave at the end of the ninth because it was 9:30 PM and we were told to be back no later than 12:30, so we left early and drove home, Nettles drove us home safely in 2 hours and 41 minutes, but there was traffic so I give him credit.

Anyhow, I got into the room and flipped on the small 20 inch tv and caught the end bit of the highlights, TJ Tucker allowed a Sac Fly in the 12th and the Phillies won the game 4-3.


April 5th, 2005

Josh Whitesell reporting

So today was the teams first practice at the home field's practice complex, it went over pretty well with the players bonding and talking about last night's Nat's debut (they lost 4-3 in 12)...Anyhow post practice I grabbed a bite to eat, and headed to the gym to lift for an hour and a half. I'd say I saw all but the pitchers at the gym, but that isn't fair to count out the pitchers... We are just now boarding the bus at 3:30 PM, it'll be a 5 hour trip to Salem, but we will be arriving early enough so we can take some cuts, etc...

Salem is reportedly expected to be a decent club this year with some of the Astros top talents playing.

Anyhow, I'll update you from the hotel.

April 6th, 2005

Ah, the comforts or discomforts of the road, I'm sitting here in the lobby of the hotel at the Comfort Inn Airport in Salem, VA typing this and watching the Nationals game (Game 2)...

The Nats are playing extras for the second game in a row. It's 11:30 PM and the 12th inning just started, request that we are at the park by 8:30 for 9:30 Practice, so I'm off to the sack for some rest prior to the season opener tommorrow...

Peace out,


Clint Everts has added additional comments

Well since I don't pitch tommorrow I stayed and watched Nick Johnson jack a huge HR to win the game in the 18th 4-2...

Also I checked the Box Scores for the Harrisburg Senators, and New Orleans Zyphers, The Senators lost 2-1 in 14 at Bowie, and the Zyphers won in Des Moines against the Cubs 6-3.

Tommorrow I'll be writing from the first game, and I'll let you know the scores of the other games...

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GAME DAY April 7th

By: Clint Everts

Well boys, I got to the park at 10:40 for the 1:05 game, and was instantly psyched for my start tommorrow afternoon, we have a good team, and a team that could put up big numbers.

I got dressed for the first time in my Potomac Nationals Jersey, it felt sweet, finally getting a chance, and I headed out to the field where Bill Bray and I loosened up then ultimately we headed to the bullpens to watch the game.

So right before the game a fan walks up with something for me to sign, I'm about to sign it and the guy goes "Could you give this to Kazmir for me..." I looked at the guy, and was quite frankly kind of laughing, yeah Scott and I played in high school together, but I'm at A ball and he's the ACE of the Devil Rays, so I told the guy I don't talk with Kazmir often enough...which is sort of true. We talk occasionally.


So we get set to watch the boys, but as typical pitchers we wound up discussing random things, like the fact that only 6-7 of the players have cars with them in Potomac, I'll be heading to the dealer on the off-day and hopefully picking out a nice-ish car for myself. Anyhow, as the game go going, the pitchers, and the Bullpen Catcher starting playing the baseball name game, it goes like this, one player names a guy with the first name A, then his last name becomes the new first letter and so on...It's a common Minor League Game, and well by the time I looked at the scoreboard in was the end of the 3rd and it was 1-1, the 2B Clark Parker jacked a big one in the 2nd...Trouble was brewing though, 26-year old starter Donnie Bridges, allowed 4 more runs and was pulled after 4 2/3 IP allowing 9 hits and 5 ER 3 HR.

The pen got straight to work and the boys got working...the Pen didn't allow another run but we didn't score and dropped the first game, 5-1...

Salem 5 11 0

Potomac 1 10 1

It was dissapointing but the day got worse, we got to the locker room, and I sat down at my stool/locker next to Donnie. But something was wierd, Donnie's locker was empty he's stuff all gone, so I asked what's up and he said one sec (with that he addressed the team...)

"Boys thanks for supporting me, and letting me chase a dream, but I've decided that a 26 year old shouldn't be getting rocked at A ball, I'd like to thank you all for the support, and I'll see you all later, but from he on out I will not be playing..."

With that he got up shook hands with everyone, and left.

Josh Whitesell added the following at 9:32 PM

I see Clint updated you on the game and announcment but I figured I'd let you know how I did...let's just say I'm kind of pissed right now...I went 0 for 4 tonight, I Popped Up in the 1st and 8th, and Grounded out in the 3rd, in the fifth I hit a routine pop fly...as for Marcus, he went 1-4, struck out looking, Flew out and grounded out.

I left the park about 15 mins after the game, and got all caught up on the days action...

The Big Nats went to extras for the 3rd time in 4 games, winning 3-2 in 14 against Florida.

The Zyphers led by Sun-Woo Kim's 3 Hitter and 10K's won 1-0

The Senators won in 12 4-3...

That's ALL...

And Just let it be known whoever the Avalanche got to feed us after the game SUCKED...the "pasta" dish was like rubber...and well that's was all they had...let's hope for a better game tommorrow...

Peace Out,


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April 9th (I've mislabeled the past like three days...)

Clint Everts has posted:

Today's the day, the comeback trail begins, with any luck I'll be able to pitch well, and get the W...but all I care about is if I feel good, and the pitches do what there supposed to do.

I'll update you all post-game, then give you the recaps from the 10th on our way home on the off day (11th). I'm sure Josh will be adding his own additional comments shortly...

But for now, take care.

(OOC: Just wondering what you readers want me to add to the diary? Also tommorrow, i'll have updates of at least 2 games, plus an update of the road trip home...)

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April 10th


Posted by Clint Everts:

It's 11:45 the game officially begins in an hour and a half, but Ricky Bones (yes the ex-major leaguer/now pitching coach) and I are out in the Bullpen, he has me go through each of my pitches 5 times just to make sure I feel no pain. By the time I have finished the teams are done with BP, and the groundscrew is cleaning the stuff...

I looked up at the clock on the wall "12:40" and I instantly got up turned right to exit the clubhouse trotted up the stairs and headed to the bullpen for 10 more throws prior to GAME TIME!

The top of the first went by easily, and I was set. The lead-off man Josh Anderson digs in. I toe'd the rubber, reared back and jammed him on the inside with a 90 MPH 4-Seamer, CRACK his bat shatters and split into two directions, Desy (Ian Desmond INF playing 3B) fields it easily and flings it to my journal counterpart Josh Whitesell.

I keep on rolling until the fifth inning when I hit a slight snag, we led 2-0 but the Salem Avalanche were threatining, the batter drilled one up the middle basehit. Man on first, he has a huge lead, so I fling and throw it to Josh, but I threw it wide and it richochetted into RF, the baserunner hustled to third and would later score...2-1, I finished 5 Innings and pitched well but, I only allowed two hits, and was online for the win, but I wouldn't no the result until the team came into the locker room hootin n' hollerin', We won the game 3-1...

Now for those of you wondering, the team has requested that after I pitch more than 50 pitches and I've finished I must head immediatly to the locker room to shower, and ice the shoulder which is still quite prone to injury. So I did that and was in street clothes by the time the boys got back.

Potomac 3 9 1

Salem 1 2 0


Like most pitchers Clint was all about his own performance and not about the team, so here's the update from me, I collected my first High-A hit with a single in the ninth, I feel good at the plate and can't wait to return home. Other than that I Grounded out, gounded into a inning ending DP, and Fouled out along the first baseside...1-4...

Marcus however racked up two hits in the 6th and 8th and went 2-4.

We return home tommorrow evening, and have an off-day to get ready for Myrtle Beach (I hear there CA is a top 100 Prospect so I am looking forward to the match-up)...

Greg Bunn goes tommorrow but since we leave right after the game, I'll update you on the off day...

The Organizational Scores Are As Follows:

Harrisburg Defeated Bowie 6-4

New Orleans won 4-1


The Big Boys lost in Florida 9-7.

I'll write again on the off-day after tommorrows game...

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