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unexplained audio


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In my testing last week of the '83 Orioles, I was playing a game as normal to see how everyone looked, and noticed that 2 players' last names were announced by the PA announcer and at least one of them (probably both, can't remember) by the in game guys. All these players have 0 for their audio/photo ID, how is this possible?

The guys were Dan Ford and Todd Cruz. Does the game recognize names? I thought it only went by the ID #. Weird. :?

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any ' 0 ' id last name will be announced if in the game

the problem is once they get pic id's that no longer happens.

hence, the created last name audio's to go with the player id and pics.

so we can now see pics of most and hear names of the players.

(goal is to get 3-4 starters for MOST classic clubs. more is great but

not always the case)

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