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Colordao Rockies Dynasty. Retooling and rebuilding


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Well as we say goodbye to a Tampa Bay Dynasty that I was unable to continue due to a faulty roster that caused my game to crash in the offseason, we move on.

And this time its to Colorado.

But this time it's different.It's a dynasty, not an Owner mode.And the reason is, that I don't feel like going through the stadium builder again.

It's the Colorado Rockies. Rebuilding and Retooling!

Batting Order

2B:Aaron Miles

LF:Matt Holiday

1B:Todd Helton

CF:Preston Wilson

RF:Brad Hawpe

3B:Garrett Atkins

SS:Clint Barmes

C:Todd Green



LF:Cory Sullivan

RF:Dustan Mohr

2B:Desi Relaford

2B:Luis A. Gonzalez

C:J.D. Glosser

Pitching Rotation

1:Jason Jennings

2:Jow Kennedy

3:Shawn Chacon

4:Jeff Francis

5:Jamey Wright


LRP:Byung-Hyun Kim

LRP:Scott Dohmann

MRP:Blain Neal

MRP:Jay Wirasick

MRP:Marcos Carvajal

SU:Brian Fuentes


Setting are all the same from the previous dynasty.




Some of these players on this payroll are ridicolously overpaid.Preston Wilson is making 11.8M in one year.You have got to be kidding me.Kim is making 5.8M in one year, thats just stupid.

I tell you what, there is no way in hell these guys will be getting that kind of money this offseason, not happening.

Also looking at this roster I invision alot of changes.Not only will this team need pitching but defense and speed.I wont hesitate to send some of these guys down.

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Opening day was a rough one for the Rockies.It started out well, Jason Jennings went 6 innings giving up just 2 runs(both homers) and pinch hitter Sullivan hit the first Rockie homer of the year.But the bullpen gave up 8 runs in the last two innings as the Rockies fell 10-4 to the Padres.

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Year 1 April 11th

1-4 Last place 3.5 back

Batting Order

LF:Matt Holiday-.478/0 hr/2 rbi

2B:Aaron Miles-.286/0/2

1B:Todd Helton-.381/1/4

CF:Preston Wilson-.304/1/2

3B:Garrett Atkins-.316/0/1

SS:Clint Barmes-.263/0/2

C:Todd Green.333/0/3

RF:Dustan Mohr.250/0/1



LF:Cory Sullivan-.667/1/1

RF:Brad Hawpe-.250/0/2

2B:Desi Relaford-.000/0/0

2B:Luis A. Gonzalez-.000/0/0

C:J.D. Glosser-.250/0/1

Pitching Rotation

1:Jason Jennings:0-0/3.00 era/5 k's

2:Jow Kennedy:1-0/2.57/6

3:Shawn Chacon:0-1/18.00/2

4:Jeff Francis:0-0/5.40/6

5:Jamey Wright:0-1/4.50/4


LRP:Byung-Hyun Kim:0-1/2.25/3

LRP:Scott Dohmann:0-0/9.00/1

MRP:Blain Neal:0-1/21.60/2

MRP:Jay Wirasick:0-0/0.00/1

MRP:Marcos Carvajal:0-0/13.50/4

SU:Brian Fuentes:0-0/0.00/0


This team is really struggling.The pitching and defense is horrible. After splitting a 2 game series against San Deigo I was swept by the Giants.

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Ok here's how I'm going to do this.

Minor Updates will be pretty random.Major updates like the one above will be every 2 weeks or so (this is game time) and web gems will be posted every week.

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Finally won my second game against the D-Backs 5-2.

Helton hit his second homer of the year and Tsao got his first save of the year.

I'm gonna try to find a way to upload the sav reader data on to here when I do stats and what not.

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I wish you luck, goose. Here are my unprofessional opinions: now, I'm no Rockies expert like I am D-Rays expert, but Luis A. Gonzalez should be playing every day, and probably batting leadoff. I'd probably put him in for Atkins, since he isn't that good according to MVP. The overpaid player problem I ran into when I started my D-backs owner mode. Russ Ortiz is way overpaid... I'd recommend trading Wilson for some prospects maybe, or a guy like Mike Cameron, who isn't that overpaid, but still gets the job done.

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considering I am using your sliders and i was an avid reader of your last season with the devil rays, i was wondering if you could update more...i kinda miss reading your updates...

Yeh sorry for the lack of updates, I've been really really busy the past couple of weeks or so with graduation coming up and everything. I'll get a few games in today and make some updates. Graduation is next Friday so after that I should be updating at the same pace as with the D-Rays dynasty.

And there will be some roster moves.I can tell right now that this group of players will not cut it.

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Ok I lied.

After playing a few games I relized I wasn't having any fun with the Rockies.The ballpark was dreary and the team was boring to play with.

So I'm stopping this thing now.Its just not fun.

So I'm going back to Devil Rays.Because with them I had fun even while losing.

SO ITS BACK! Year 2 of the Tampa Bay Owner Mode!!

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