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Revenge is sweet


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Having just come off a 30 game win streak with my Marlins (mainly due to going up to All-Star level) by losing 9-2 at home to the Mets, I got some measure of revenge just now.

I took the lead in the bottom of the 1st, with a double by Juan Pierre, sac bunt by Castillo to move Pierre to 3rd then a single from Cabrera to get Pierre in. 1-0

Next inns though A.J. Burnett left a slider hanging which was deposited into the right field stand at Pro Player. 1-1. Into the 3rd now, and the Mets have bases loaded no outs. Somehow I survive to concede only one run 1-2. A pitching battle ensues and after Burnett is relieved, Mecir manages to prevent another run with Mets on 2nd and 3rd, 1 out. Marlins also failed to get a man in from 3rd with 1 out.

And so to the bottom of the 9th, Marlins 1 Mets 2. Mets bring in the closer. Cabrera hits a ball out to right which is superbly caught. Carlos Delgado swings and bloops one up but the catcher muffs the ball and Delgado moves to 1st. Mike Lowell strikes out, bringing in Damion Easley. 1 run down, 2 outs. Easley smacks his second pitch over left field for a 2 run walkoff homer and Pro Player Stadium goes crazy. That'll teach you to end my winning streak. :D

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Very nice win man and very impressive winning streak for sure, only question is though if you won 30 games in a row... you think maybe its time to bump up the difficulty to MVP :) It might be a challenge at first man, but being you won 30 in a row on all star.... after a bit you will probably rip up the MVP level too. I had a 17 game win streak on all star and bumped it up and lost some at first but now i will usually win a good 5-6 in a row before losing a game. I know a lot of people think it wouldnt produce realistic number cause the hitting is tough, but i been messin with MVP now for over a month easy and i get 4-5-6 runs a game.

Games like you had there though is what makes this game so awesome.

Go Braves :)

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