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At this point, this isn't a new dynasty for me, but I figured it was time for me to post it. This dynasty thread will start from just after the All-Star break. To start this dynasty, I didn't make any changes to the batters/fielders, but the pitching staff underwent an almost complete overhaul. If anyone has any suggestions or comments about the dynasty, feel free to post 'em.

Red=Batting Leader (Min. 50 AB)

Green=Pitching Leader (SP)

Blue=Pitching Leader (RP) (Min. 20 IP)

Orange=Leads AL

Yellow=Leads MLB

Batting Order (w/ position & stats(AVG/HR/RBI)):

CF - Johnny Damon - .325/13/34

SS - Edgar Renteria - .264/8/48

LF - Manny Ramirez - .303/17/75

DH - David Ortiz - .319/15/50

C - Jason Varitek - .267/9/29

1B - Kevin Millar - .345/14/45

RF - Trot Nixon - .285/13/43

3B - Bill Mueller - .308/12/52

2B - Mark Bellhorn - .282/9/38

Doug Mirabelli - .320/2/9 (50 AB)

Jay Payton - .386/0/3 (44 AB)

Kevin Youkilis - .500/0/4 (8 AB)

Pitching Rotation: (W-L/ERA/K/IP/SV(RP))

1SP - Kerry Wood - 9-6/4.55/105/110.2

2SP - Tim Wakefield - 9-5/3.93/88/116.2

3SP - Matt Clement - 9-2/2.42/83/119.0

4SP - Bronson Arroyo - 3-5/4.12/55/83.0

5SP - Kris Benson - 5-7/4.20/70/79.1

6SP/LRP - Ramon Ortiz - 2-4/4.95/46/60.0

MRP - Alan Embree - 5-1/4.88/47/55.1/1

MRP - Jason Christiansen - 3-2/3.91/40/48.1/1

MRP - Matt Mantei - 1-2/4.97/34/38.0/0

MRP - Mark Malaska - 1-0/0.00/2/3.1/0

SU - Mike Timlin - 2-1/2.63/25/27.1/4

SU - Abe Alvarez - 1-0/4.03/13/22.1/1

CL - Keith Foulke - 0-1/2.63/21/24.0/18

AL East Standings:

Boston Red Sox = 50-37 - 0.0 GB

New York Yankees = 50-37 - 0.0 GB

Baltimore Orioles = 47-41 - 3.5 GB

Toronto Blue Jays = 38-50 - 12.5 GB

Tampa Bay Devil Rays = 36-53 - 15.0 GB

Next Game: 6/14 v. NYY


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can you tell me how? i signed up for it and then i log in and it gives me a link that says "click here to go to your dynasty page" with NOTHING else on the screen and i click on it and nothing comes up...how do i edit it!!? help please

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Fastflink2009, Yeah i know I just felt like doing it here.

movietitan, when you click on the "click here to go to your dynasty page", your admin page where you can edit stuff for your dynasty should come up next.

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it doesnt...i dont know why, i get nothing but a blank screen...there is a toolbox option on the home page and i click on that and it has tons of options, but it wont keep me logged in and i try to log in on THAT page and it says there is some kind of error. I really have a good dyanasty going, but i cant post anything yet!!

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6/14: Red Sox v. Yankees


Top 1st - Tony Womack strikes out. Alex Rodriguez thrown out at the plate.


Bottom 2nd - David Ortiz hits solo HR.


Top 9 - Keith Foulke picks up the save.


Boston improves to 51-37, New York falls to 50-38.

Next Game: 6/15 v. New York

Jaret Wright v. Bronson Arroyo


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Boston Red Sox Minor League Update

AAA - Pawtucket Red Sox

Batting Order:

2B - Dave Berg

3B - Simon Pond

RF - Dave McCarty

1B - Brian Daubach

LF - Billy McMillon

SS - Hanley Ramirez

C - Sandy Martinez

CF - Adam Hyzdu

P/DH - Tim Hummel


C - Morgan Wilson

C - F.P. DeJean

LF - Troy Hernandez

3B - Todd Hummel

Batting Leaders:

AVG: .318 (Dave McCarty)

HR: 13 (Simon Pond)

RBI: 38 (Simon Pond)

R: 47 (Simon Pond)

H: 98 (Billy McMillon)

Pitching Rotation:

1SP - Jeremi Gonzalez - 6-5, 4.28 ERA, 59/25 SO/BB

2SP - Jamie Brown - 5-5, 4.31 ERA, 65/24 SO/BB

3SP - Ervin Santana - 2-2, 4.24 ERA, 30/11 SO/BB

4SP - Reynaldo Garcia - 5-5, 3.32 ERA, 66/29 SO/BB

5SP - Edwin Almonte - 7-4, 3.68 ERA, 47/23 SO/BB


LRP/SP - Jason Sheill

LRP/SP - Brad Thomas

MRP - Mark Malaska(demoted to AAA-Pawtucket 6/15)

MRP - Anastacio Martinez

MRP - Gus Davis

MRP - Lenny DiNardo(promoted to MLB-Boston 6/15)

SU - Bobby M. Jones

SU - Josias Manzanillo

CL - Pat Seibel

Pitching Leaders (RP (Min. 20 IP)):

IP: 64.1 (Mark Malaska)

ERA: 1.88 (Josias Manzanillo)

W: 4 (Bobby M. Jones)

W%: .800 (Bobby M. Jones)

SO: 62 (Mark Malaska)

SO/BB: 62/13 (Mark Malaska)

SV: 24 (Pat Seibel)

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The Empire Strikes Back

6/15 Boston Red Sox v. New York Yankees

Jaret Wright (4-10, 4.30 ERA) v. Bronson Arroyo(3-5, 4.12 ERA)


Tony Womack hits an RBI triple in the third inning to score the first run of the game for New York.


Gary Sheffield deposits a solo HR over the Green Monster in the eighth to make it 3-0 Yankees.Hideki Matsui also added a bomb over the Monster in the 9th, which would prove to be the final run, giving the Yankees a 4-0 lead. (Not Pictured)


Jaret Wright sparkled, not giving up any ER and scattering 6 hits, pitching all 9 innings. Wright also struck out 6 without issuing a walk.

Bronson Arroyo gave up 4 ER on 8 hits, striking out 4 and walking 1 over 8-1/3 innings. Lenny DiNardo pitched the final 2/3 of an inning of hitless relief, but it was in vain, with the Red Sox down 4-0.

Boston falls to 51-38

New York improves to 51-38, moving into a tie for first place in the AL East.

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It's Big Stick Day at Fenway Park!

The Red Sox and Yankees are involved in a slugout.



Bot. 1st - Johnny Damon steals second base on his way to scoring the first run of the game.


Trot Nixon hits a HR, watches it fly, making it 2-0 Boston.


Top 3rd - Bernie Williams knocks one over the bullpen(s) in Fenway to even the score at 2 apiece.

Not Pictured:

Jorge Posada hits a three-run HR to give the Yankees a 5-2 lead.

Trot Nixon tightens the score, adding his second HR of the game, this time a two-run shot to cut the Yankee lead to 5-4.

David Ortiz hits a towering solo HR of his own over the Green Monster to tie the game at 5 in the bottom of the 6th inning.

Bill Mueller hits a solo HR over the Monster, as well, to reclaim the lead for Boston in the bottom of the 7th.

Mueller also makes it 7-5 with a sacrifice fly that scores David Ortiz in the bottom of the 8th.

Jorge Posada cracks his second HR of the game to make the game a closer one in the top of the 9th inning, but it would prove to be too little, too late.

Alan Embree collects his second save of the season.

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