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BCMBL Baseball Simulation League


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The BCMBL is looking for GM's to manage and construct one of the remaining teams that are left. The BCMBL will run just like the Major League Baseball season, and the rules will state how the league will be run.

It will be run using Diamond Mind Baseball software, and the season disks that they have out for the 2005 season. Once the league is full, we will have a live or email draft, haven't decided yet, that will dictate which players are drafted by which teams. The draft order is randomly selected.

There is a website already constructed for the simulation league, and if you're interested in joining this league, just email me your full name, email address, any IM contacts you have, and which team you'd like to be. I will then let you know if that team is open, and if you'll receive it.

Email me at: therockfan_69@hotmail.com

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