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Fox MLB theme and national anthems UPLOADED


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Just uploaded...

Fox theme sets a nice tone and I have really gotten into playing national anthems before games. US anthem is a cool ballpark organ rendition...Canadian is classic band version.

...and i thought I was addicted...

but serously, you can import music in the game? that would be sweet indeed

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hehe, yeah i am addicted...i would stand with hand over my heart during anthem too, but i am afraid that would be more than my wife could take lol

i just replaced tracks in "jukebox" so not actually ingame...but i turn on/off appropriate anthem(s), listen to them, and then continue to game.

btw kamasutra, thanks for getting back to me on "dugout view" cam mod - sounds like a MAJOR pain. It would be so cool if you could pull it off...i will keep my fingers crossed :)

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