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I may have figured how to have Stadiums with no replacing


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This is hypothetical, I know little of the structure of the game. But from what I do know, and how similar things have been done with uniforms and such. I've come up with a idea that may work:

Okay, as we all know, the stadiums really look like stuff like this:



(etc. etc.)

Now, my theory is that they're may be a file somewhere that has a list of stadiums that should appear on the "Select Stadium" screen in game.

So it might say all the names of the big files.

So what I'm wondering is this, if we were to rename a edited stadium (let's go hypothetical and someone made "Fake Stadium"), that we could then go into the "listing" file and add in "Fake Stadium" and then, assuming everything is done right, see "Fake Stadium" in game.

Sadly, I have no abilities to test this theory. But anyone who will try for me is greatly welcomed. I have no idea what the "listing" file would be though. And have no idea if this would even work. But we're never know unless if someone tries. Any volunteers? (And if anyone wants to put this into better words then I have, feel free to, I was having a hard time describing my idea).

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Now, my theory is that they're may be a file somewhere that has a list of

It's a good theory and one that's been submitted before, but the file you mention is nowhere to be found (yet). If the stadiums were contained in a file, the solution would be simple.

A few weeks back, I experimented with a hex editor and tried to view the exe itself and last I recall I could see some stadium names as well as team names in there, so my guess is they are in there, hard-coded. That's also just a theory. If someone ever cracks the .exe (and .sav), needless to say that would open up huge possibilities.

The simple thing for now is simply copy over a stadium renaming it to an existing one... the aa-aaa stadiums are perfect since not all of them are used in-game.

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I've been substituting the classic stadiums for my minor league play since the minors in Dynasty keep using the same boring stadium each time. My question is whether it's possible to eliminate the guys in the dugout because they sometimes show up from the chest up sticking out of the ground like plants if the dugouts are placed differently from the stadium the computer thinks it's playing in. I don't mind the occasional shot of a wall when it's supposed to be a bullpen but heads planted in the ground is a little creepy. Any way of eliminating either the dugout characters or the camera shot altogether like you guys were able to do with the PIP of a swinging strike?


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