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Would anybody like to help me make a Custom league/Offseason editor?

What would be features of the custom league part of the editor

1 Importing teams from other leagues

2 You can has less then 30 teams in your custom league

3 You can take a existing league like GFORCE'S and do realignment

4 You can rename teams and leagues

5 Signing Minor League team affilaction contracts

6 Expansion Draft for leagues that want to expand that have less then 30 teams

7 You can have more then 3 divison and 2 leagues just it adds up to 30 teams or less

Maybe in the future more then 30 teams

What would be features of the Offseason part of the editor

1 Rule 5 draft

2 Offseason starting 15 days after the World Series ends and stops at the start of Spring Training because Spring Training is allready in the game

3 Winter Meetings for Trades and Free-agent signees

4 Arbtraction Hearings

5 Players and Pitchers who have not resign with their teams by sometime in December can't resign with their former team intill sometime in May

6 Unretirements and Retirements

7 Winter Ball

Does anybody know how how to crack the transaction code because I would like to replace the one in the game with this one Team Transaction screen from Season Ticket Baseball add information like Designed for Assignment and Called Up

Just take the Injure/Suspension Screen form the game and put in the editor so we can put Players and Pitchers on the injured/Suspension list list

Triple-A and Double-A Free agent list in the editor and the game

I know you can have trades all year round what about adding Wavier Trades all year round?

Spring Training schedule different each year

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Custom league will be it own editor and so will Offseason and those are some of the features that could be in the editors

I would like to do a Custom League editor because I would like to do Realignment and Import Teams form other leagues

I want to do an Offseason editor because I want the full effect of the Offseason not just a couple of days like in the game

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