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Dodgers Dynasty


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The Dodgers are looking forward to a good season in 2005. With a healthy off-season, picking up second baseman Jeff Kent and right fielder J.D. Drew the Dodgers feel they are poised to make a run in the NL West.

Opening Day lineup

1.C. Izturis-SS

2.J. Werth-LF

3.J. Drew-RF

4.J. Kent-2B

5.M. Bradley-CF

6.J. Valentin-3B

7.H. Choi-1B

8.J. Phillips-C

9.D. Lowe-P


1B-O. Saenz

CF-R. Ledee

C-P. Bako

2B-O. Robles

SS-A. Perez


1. D. Lowe

2. O. Perez

3. J. Weaver

4. B. Penny

5. S. Erickson


LRP- D. Houlton

LRP- W. Alvarez

MRP- G Carrara

MRP- D. Sanchez

SU- Y. Brazoban

SU- K. Wunsch

CP- E. Gange

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And the season begins.

Izturis leads off the game with a single down the line. Trying to be aggresive early Izturis is nailed at third on a spectacular throw from Moises Alou. Jason Schmit gets Werth to ground out and stikes out Drew on 4 pitches.

Derek Lowe's first batter of the year is Ray Durham. Lowe makes quick work of Durham as he flys out to Short. Omar Vizquel is also quickly taken care of as he lines out to second, bringing up Barry Bonds. Bonds is eaten up by a great sinker from Lowe and grounds out to third to end the inning.

Dodgers 0, Giants 0

Jeff Kent leads off the inning for the Dodgers and flys out to short on the second pitch. Bradley takes a low fastball right back up the box for a one out single. Javier Valentin hits into and inning ending 4-6-3 double play.

Alou starts the inning for the Giants and grounds out to second for the first out. Lowe walks the number 5 hitter Edgardo Alfonzo bringing up J.T. Snow. Lowe takes care of his walk getting Snow to ground into a 5-4-3 double play.

Dodgers 0, Giants 0

H. Choi leads off and is taken care of on 3 pitches. Jason Phillips hits the first pitch he sees into right center for a double. Lowe grounds out, Phillips to third. Izturis gets his second hit and first RBI as he singles to right scoring Phillips. Werth singles to center, Izturis to 2nd. Drew singles to center, Izturis score, Werth to 2nd. Kent flys out to center to end the inning, stranding 2.

Grissom grounds out to first. Matheny flys out to Werth in left. Schmidt grounds out to frist.

After 3 Dodgers 2, Giants 0.

Bradley doubles to left center. Valentin grounds out to third, Bradley advances to third. Choi hits a fly ball to right, Bradley scores. Phillips flys out to left.

Durham flys out to left. Vizquel strikes out looking. Bonds lines out to right.

Dodgers 3, Giants 0.

Lowe grounds out to 2nd. Izturis singles to center. Izturis steals 2nd. Werth flys out to center, Izturis advances to 3rd. Drew doubles to left center scoring Izturis. Kent flys out to 2nd.

Alfonzo flys out to right. Snow strikes out looking.

Dodgers 4, Giants 0.

Bradley flys out to center. Valentin flys out to center. Choi flys out to left.

Grissom flys out to left. Matheny flys out to right. D. Cruz hits for J. Schmidt. Cruz grounds out to 2nd.

Dodgers 4, Giants 0.

T. Walker comes in to pitch. Phillips lines out to short. Lowe grounds out to short. Izturis grounds out to first.

Durham flys out to left. Vizquel doubles to left center. Bonds is intentionally walked. Alou grounds out to the pitcher, Vizquel to 3rd, Bonds to 2nd. Alfonzo singles to center scoring Vizquel, Bonds to 3rd. Snow singles to center scoring Bonds, Alfonzo to 2nd. Grissom flys out to left.

Dodgers 4, Giants 2.

Werth grounds out to short. Drew lines out to right. Kent grounds out to short.

Brazoban relieves Lowe. Matheny singles to right, Ellison hits for Walker. Ellison stikes out. Durham flys out to left. Vizquel strikes out looking.

Dodgers 4, Giants 2.

Fassero comes in to pitch. Bradley grounds out to 3rd. Valentin grounds out to 1st. Saenz hits for Choi. Saenz grounds out to short.

Gange relieves Brazoban. Bonds singles to left. Alou stikes out. Alfonzo singles to right Bonds to 3rd. Snow hits a 3 run homerun.

Dodgers 4, Giants 5.

This was a dissapointing finish for what looked like a great outing for Derek Lowe. Lowe pitched 6 innings of shutout ball before giving up 2 runs in the 7th. The Giants 3,4,5 hitters got to Gange in the ninth and lit him up for 3 runs. A walk of 3 run shot by J.T. snow gives him todays player of the game.

Izturis- 3-4,2R,1RBI,SB

Drew- 2-4,2RBI

Alfonzo- 2-3,1RBI

Snow- 2-4,1R,4RBI,HR

Lowe 7IP, 2ER, 2K, 2BB

Gange (L, 0-1) .1IP 3 ER

Schmidt 6IP, 4ER, 2K

Fassero(W,1-0) 1P 0ER

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If anyone liked how the first game was done let me know. If there are any ideas for anything else I should do let me know. I think I did a little to much play by play. I got lazy after a few innings but I think the simple play by play gets the job done. I will post season stats and standings after every series.

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