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Fantasy in Florida, A Marlins Dynasty


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For those of you who saw my posts about asking if there were any ways to have a shorter season, I finally caved.

I'm starting a Marlins dynasty and had a fantasy draft and wound up with a very solid team. I'll post the draft results later today if anyone is interested in following this fantasy dynasty.

I have noticed the fantasy draft isn't too popular amongst everyone looking throught the forums, so hopefully I can make things interesting for everyone and make the fantasy dynasty a more popular piece of MVPmods.com.

On a final note I think it would be awesome if Major League Baseball did soemthing like this every oh....10 years to balance out all the teams. Yeah there are a lot of problems involved with budgets and what not but that's why they call it "fantasy" and it would surely make Baseball or any other sport for that matter more interesting, not to mention surprizing.

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Here is what my team came out to be after the draft. I had the #4 spot.

Lineup VS RHP

1) LF - Scott Podsednik

2) 3B - Mark Loretta - Typically 2B

3) 2B - Derek Lee - Typically 1B

4) 1B - Albert Pujols

5) C - Mike Piazza

6) CF - Aaron Rowand

7) RF - B.J. Surhoff

8) SS - Alex Gonzalez

VS LHP The lineup is basically the same except for the following

Willy Moe Pena will play CF and bat 6th

Aaron Rowand goes to RF and bats 7th

B.J. Upton will play SS and bat 8th

Other bench players

3B - Joe Crede

CF - Joey Gathright

C - Todd Green

Pitching Rotation

SP - Roger Clemens

SP - Dontrelle Willis

SP - Myself - ( 86 Stamina - 90MPH FB, Avg 80MPH CHG, Good 79MPH Crv, Avg 88MPH 2SFB - Typical stats for batting for a pitcher)

SP - Omar Daal

SP - John Van Benschotin


LRP - Dae-Sung Koo

LRP - Danny Graves

LRP - Tom Gordon

MRP - Damaso Marte

MRP - Jim Mercir

SU - Brandon Lyon

CP - Jason Isringhausen

Like I said I wound up drafting a pretty solid team. I know I may have broken a few rules by moving Derek Lee to 2B and Mark Loretta to 3B, but I feel they will play very well at those posistions and if not they will be moved accordingly.

Looking to get some feedback from this, thanks everyone.

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I'm ready to go here are my settings, basically standard with a few little adjustments...

Difficulty - All Star

Strike Zone - On

Hot Cold - Off

Pitch Cursor - Off

Hitters Eye - On

Varible Strike Zone - On

Blown Calls - On

DH Rule - NONE

First game VS Braves

Jake Peavy (0-0) VS Roger Clemens (0-0)

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Well I've managed to win my first 10 games. I would have been posting the results but the site was down and I have no idea how to do all the fancy stuff with code or screen shots, I'm looking into it, and should start posting from after game 10. I could probably just do a small summery here and have a link with full stories at an external website. Anyways I left my lineups as is, thanks for the suggestion but I couldn't ask for a better team. Even though I've won 10 of 10 games, they have all been close and have been come backs in the 7th or 8th inning.

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