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Remember 2004: A Braves Dynasty


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Braves Press

"It seems that were off to a new season, a brand new day" says Bobby Cox, manager of the Atlanta Braves. The year is 2004, March 27, as the days approach to a new season, and the hopes begin, for a world championship.

During the offseason, the Braves made some interesting moves. starting with trading drew to the LA Dodgers, the fans knew that this year, would be one of the hardest, theyve had. "The pressure is all on us this year. People expect for us to get back into the playoffs like weve done the past 12 years." words from an older, more experienced Andrew Jones. A significant trade to help the Braves is the trade of Oakland hurler Tim Hudson. "Im very excited to take on the National League, and pitch against my friend and fellow teammate Mark Mulder.

Braves will be looking forward to this season, as they will, once again, attempt to make the playoffs.

The season starts off against the New York Mets, with Veteran John Smoltz pitching against Pedro Martinez.

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Braves Press

The Braves have finally realeased the batting order and pitching rotation

Batting Order

(Same batting order in all cases)

1.SS, Furcal	

2.2B, Giles	  

3.3B, Jones	 

4.CF, Jones	 

5.1B, LaRoche  

6. C, Estrada  

7.RF, Mondesi  

8.LF , Jordan   

9.DH, *Franco  

*When there is DH in effect 

Pitching Assignments 


Smoltz, John

Hudson, Tim

Thomson, John

Hampton, Mike

Ramirez, Horacio

Long Relief

Sosa, Jorge

Colon, Roman

Middle Relief

Gryboski, Kevin

Hodges, Trey

Short Relief

Reitsma, Chris


Martin, Tom


Kolb, Danny

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thanks guys....yeah im gonna see what i can do about kolb...the thing is...the roster i have is of april of 2005...so i dont have prospects and thingslike that....its too late now.... but its cool...make it more realistic...there werent this years prospect in 2004...

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Braves Start With A Bang!

The Braves handle the Mets Easily, giving them a 7-2 beating


Above: Andrew Jones hits his first of the season

The game looked to be a solid win for the mets as they started off in the 2nd inning with a big blast homerun by David Wright. Shortly then, it went all downhill for the Mets. The Braves came through and hit an astonishing 5 Homeruns to give the braves the 7-2 lead they needed.

A. Jones- "It went real well for me in the first game of the season. Hopefully this year i can get out and have a year to remember."

Wright- "i did the best i could do. but this time it wasnt good enough. there will be other games."

Cox-"this is a great start. Smoltz pitched a beauty and we hope to see these results the whole year"

Game Noteables:

A. Jones: 3/4, 2HR, 1 3B, 2RBI

Piazza: 2/4, HR, RBI

Wright: 1/3, HR, RBI


Smoltz: 9.0 IP, 2R, 2ER, 5H, 2HR, 3K

Martinez: 7.0 IP, 6R, 6ER, 8H, 5HR, 2K

Smoltz (1-0)

Martinez (0-1)

Tommorows Game:

Tim Hudson (0-0)

Tom Glavine (0-0)

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