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Do the chop!! a Braves Dynasty


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Braves INSIDE Scoop

icon_atl.gif "Last years' players strike is really gonna affect all the teams, and hopefully, it will make us an even stronger team" says Bobby Cox, on last years player strike.

The strike was due to a strange occurance of legendary players in the game. Rumor says that Kevin Costner, maker of the Field Of Dreams, has to do with this.

"its yet another brand new season, a new year... and we, are ready" Andrew jones comments..

The player strike let the Braves get another attempt at the 14th straight year.

We, will see.

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Braves INSIDE Scoop

icon_atl.gif The Braves have posted their lineups...They go as follows

Starting Lineup

1.Furcal,  SS 

2.Jones,  CF 

3.Giles,  2B 

4.Jones,  3B 

5.Johnson,  RF 

6.Estrada,  C 

7.LaRoche,  1B 

8.Jordan,  LF 


(When DH is in Effect, Franco is DH)


Hudson, Tim

Smoltz, John

Hampton, Mike

Ramirez, Horacio

Thomson, John

Middle Relief 

Sosa, Jorge

Bernero, Adam

Gryboski, Kevin

Short Relief 

Colon, Roman

Foster, John


Reitsma, Chris


Kolb, Danny

The first game of the season will be between the Braves and the Marlins

Starting Pitchers: Tim Hudson (0-0) Vs. Al Leiter (0-0)

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Braves Start Off With Close Win


Top: Hudson just barehands it! Bottom: Giles blasts his first

It was real close from the start, as the Florida Marlins kept coming back, but a homerun by Giles, sealed the Victory. The awkward stat was Tim Hudson, who, hitting, went 3-3, with 2 doubles.

Kolb came in the 9th and sealed it off with a 1-2-3 ninth.

Hitting Noteables:

Hudson:3-3, 2B

Giles:2-3, HR, BB

Pitching Noteables:

Hudson: 7.0 IP, 9H, 7R, 7ER, 3BB, 2SO

Leiter: 4.2 IP, 12H, 8R, 8ER, 2BB, 2SO

Hudson (1-0)

Leiter (0-1)

Kolb (S,1)

Tommorows Game: John Smoltz (0-0) Vs. Josh Beckett (0-0)

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Kolb Doing The Usual


Above: Conine hitting the game winner Below: Kolb blowing the save

It seems that Dan Kolb has done what he has been doing all of last year before the strike. The Braves were winning all the way until the 9th inning, until Kolb came in. He gave up 3 hits, and with a runner on first, gave up the winning homerun.

Hitting Noteables

A. Jones: 2-4, 2HR, 3RBI

J.Conine: 1-1, Game-Winning HR, 2RBI

Pitching Noteables

Smoltz: 5.0IP, 2H, 1R, 1ER, 4SO, 1HR, ND

Kolb: 0.1IP, 3H, 3R, 3ER, 1HR, BS, L

Willis: 5.2IP, 6H, 4R, 4ER, 2BB, 2SO, 2HR, ND

T.Jones: 2.0IP, 2H, 1R, 1ER, 1HR, W

This game was meant to be pitched by Josh Beckett, but a small blister has kept him off the field for 1 day, he will be pitching tommorow

Tommorows Matchup: Mike Hampton (0-0) Vs. Josh Beckett (0-0)

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