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New Faces...Same Old Team...A Red Sox Dynasty (Fantasy)


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Hey, what's goin on everyone. As you may recall, I was currently doing the "Houston, We Have A Problem" Dynasty until I realized that I checked the "Use Unlockable Players" option to Yes, so I had to quit. However, I'm back, and with a whole new ball team, and look to my updates.

I decided to do a Fantasy Draft after randomally selecting the Red Sox because their team was just too good, and also, I figured I'd go ahead and let the smaller market teams take a shot at having a chance to win.

The way I will be doing updates is completely different than the way most people are doing it on here. I am using MVPSavReader to spit out the HTML, and am uploading it to a website. However, I will only be updating one time after every week is played in the game (about 2 or 3 days real time). I would still like to use this thread for your comments and everything though.

As far as the site goes, the only thing that is up right now, is the whole Red Sox Organization + the rosters for the rest of the MLB Teams, plus all the MLB Standings, Stats, Leaders, ETC. I am still unsure if I will be posting player pics for the other teams, since doing the Red Sox ones, took me about 3 hours off and on.

As far as the League Specs go, they are the following:

Version:	XBOX

Difficulty: All-Star

Sliders:	My Own Mix

Rosters:	Ultimate 2.35

Datafile:   Kumala v6

K Zone:	 On

Hot/Cold:   Off

Cursor:	 Fade

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