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LeVeRRe's Los Angeles Portraits will be uploaded tomorrow!


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I just finished the Dodgers, and it may be the best set yet. They turned out better than I could have hoped. A few minor leaguers in AA are of lesser quality as I could only find sub par pictures to manipulate. But all in all a very pleasing set. Enjoy. More to come. Arizone is next I believe.

Cheers, LeVeRRe

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Rangers and Yankees are definitely in the process. I'm just gogint hrough and doing each team. The yanks I've been working on already so they'll be up before the rangers, which I'll try to get to soon. Hopefully both will be up by the end of the weekend, but not promises as I work tomorrow at 6am.

Cheers, LeVeRRe

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id love if you did the yankees, hell...id do it if i could find their friggin minor league pictures







should I go on? :D i didn't find their minor league pictures either, but remember these are face shots. don't know if that will help.

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If I'm playing a fantasy dynasty, will the portrait/face updates be applied to my fantasy team and show up in-game? Bigbully said they would update a dynasty, so I would assume this applies to regular and fantasy dynasties... thanks for the help.

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yeah im aware of those, but those are only guys who are on the 40 man roster.

just a couple notes leverre since you just posted the portraits.

the pic you have for mark phillips (pitcher of AA) is actually from Andy Phillips (Catcher for columbus, who isnt in totalminors)

david parrish's picture was on the yankees 40 man roster, but he was recently released, tyler houston was also released. they are replaced by tanyon sturtze and kevin hooper (of LA and FLA's systems respectively) Tanyon's picture shows up in the game fine, but Kevin's doesnt, but his picture is on the yankees's 40 man roster site now though, maybe a portrait can be made out of that :)

As for the other missing ones...

Arias - Was traded to texas in the arod deal, so dont care about him

Beal - http://www.trentonthunder.com/FTP/Photos/R...BEAL-P03001.jpg best i can find

Betts - Hory's has a pic from seattle, quality is kinda shoddy but id be intererested in finding the source of it

Cabrera - Hory has a decent up closer of him

Cosme - Nothing

Desalvo - http://www.battlecreekyankees.com/uploads/.../80_desalvo.jpg - up close. http://www.marietta.edu/~athl/images/baseball/DeSalvo_2.jpg - college pic

Garcia - http://www.battlecreekyankees.com/uploads/...r/0_garciaj.jpg

Guillen - Hory has a decent up closer of him

Halsey - http://www.trentonthunder.com/FTP/Photos/R...sey,%20Brad.jpg best i can find

Kelly - Hory's has a pic from the mets, cant find the source

Myrow - http://www.trentonthunder.com/FTP/Photos/R...ow,%20Brian.jpg best i can find

Sardinha - http://www.battlecreekyankees.com/uploads/.../0_sardinha.jpg up closer

Stephens - no idear.

Valdez - http://www.battlecreekyankees.com/uploads/...er/0_valdez.jpg

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