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The Rockies Fantasy Team


Does the 30th ranking do justice?  

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I'm just wondering if my team is that good because the CPU rates my batting at 30th. When at draft time I had about 10 legends unlocked the first ten on the list. I'm at the end of my first month. I also picked many right handers because I despise batting lefty.

1. Rickie Weeks 2b

2. Lance Nix CF

3. Troy Glaus 3B

4. Ralph Kiner LF

5. Ivan Rodriguez C

6. Derrek Lee 1B

7. Wily Mo Pena RF

8. Scott Davis SS (Later sent down for Rich Aurilia

Bench: Einar Diaz C

Fred McGriff 1B (Have always wanted to see #500 still on 492)

Joey Gathright CF

Jason Whitfield CF

Ramon Vazquez 2B

(Troy Glaus, Rickie Weeks have been been injured at times so I had to bring some Klann guy to play 3B and have Ramon play 2B I also have now started using gathright and whitfield in CF because I've done poorly with Nix but he did just hit a game winning homer)

Rotation 1.Ben Sheets

2.Odalis Perez

3.Livan Hernandez

4.Jeff Francis

5.Scott Erickson


Long Relief: Jeff Suppan

Colby Lewis

Middle:Arthur Rhodes

Steve Reed

Rheal Cormier

Setup: Scott Schowienweiss

Closer: Rick Bauer

Thanks for comments

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