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Building An Empire: Florida Marlins 2006


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Well im guessing hardly anyone knows me around here but i have had several dynastys on Dynasty Manager and Dynasty Central. So I was thinking why not just start one on my favourite place for MVP 05 mods.....MVP Mods

Version:	 PC using EA Patch #3

Difficulty:  All-Star

Sliders:	 My Own sliders which favour the CPU

Datafile:	Jim825 Combo Datafile V2

Rosters:	 Ultimate Rosters V2.4 (with the addition of myself)

Progression: Bills Progression Fix V2

Other:	   StrikeZone ON / Hot Colds OFF / Pitch Cursor FADE / Fielding AUTO

Writers Note:

I want to thank Lual for the inspiration and with his permission i would like to use his game recap format.



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Florida Marlins Roster Breakdown:

Position Players:

LF - Barry Bonds

The big man may be 41 years of age but he is still going after that record of being the All-Time Home Run hitter. He is only 17 home runs away and is hoping to do it this season with the Florida Marlins. He is also getting paid $18,800,000 a year.

CF - Juan Pierre

This little feller is still chugging along and has an outstanding .308 batting average and has over 1000 hits after 5 years of baseball. He's also going to try for his 300th stolen base this year. Pierre is being paid $2,600,000 to play in center field this year.

RF - Miguel Cabrera

Cabrera is turning out to be a sound investment for the Florida Marlins as he has put in great game after great game. Miguel will be the focal point of this ball club in the next few years and everyone is expecting great numbers from this kid before he finishes up. He's also earning $900,000 to put up these numbers.

RF - Wily Mo Pena

Wily Mo hasn't been around for many years and that's what we are looking for now at the Marlins. Although he has very little experience to some other players he is still putting up the numbers that Florida needs and earns $600,000 to do it.

3B - Mike Lowell

In the 8 years that Lowell has been playing he has been an under the radar hitter for the Marlins. He has now got 1000 hits from 1000 hits and the Marlins are looking for a good season for the third baseman whose salary is currently at $8,300,000.

SS - Robert Andino

Andino is the new kid on the block this season after last season playing for the Carolina Mudcats (The Marlins AA affiliate). He showed great potential while playing for the Mudcats showing great speed. He is putting away $400,000 for this season.

SS - Alex Gonzalez

Although Gonzalez is a steady achiever he may be seeing the last of his days with the Marlins as Andino is looking to be the starting Shortstop for this upcoming season. Gonzalez will be paid $2,500,000 this season but may well get traded if he doesn’t perform up to par.

2B - Luis Castillo

What more can I say about Castillo. He is the drive of the Marlins infield and puts up numbers day in day out. On average he gets 182 hits per season and if he can do this for the Marlins this year then they will jump for joy. He’s worth $5,100,000 to the Marlins.

1B – Matt Wotherspoon

What a pickup for the Marlins. This guy is only 19 years of age and played 150 games with the Yankees last season and belted 32 home runs. He is going to add a nice punch to the Marlins middle order and drive in those well needed runs. He is earning $500,000 for this season.

C - Josh Willingham

Josh has worked his way into this years Florida roster, he has only played 1 season in the minor leagues and is being promoted to the backup catcher role behind Paul Lo Duca. He batted .297 last season with the Isotopes and will hopefully bat this well with the Marlins. He’s earning $500,000.

C – Paul Lo Duca

After being traded to the Marlins in 2004 Lo Duca hasn’t been performing at his best and had an injury plagued second half last year that saw him miss all of the second half. He is hoping to bounce back this year and sign on for a few more years yet. He is getting a hefty $5,800,000 to be a major role in this organization.

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Florida Marlins Roster Breakdown: Part II

Pitching Staff:

SP - Casey Fossum

Fossum was a player that Florida thinks will blossum over the next year or two into a great starter even though he hasn't had the best time while hes been pitching. Fossum will be the number 5 starter and is earning $1,700,00 for this season.

SP - Danny Haren

Haren was released by the Athletics at the end of last year because of very poor numbers. Florida saw this as an opportunity of gaining another player that will help build the next dominating team of the MLB. Haren is pitching at number 4 in the starting rotation and has a 3 year deal at $300,000.

SP - Dontrelle Willis

Willis put up some good numbers last season and earnt himself another season with the Florida Marlins and will probably be signed on for a few more years as he is an up and coming star in the Marlins ranks. Willis has 3 years left at $3,300,000 and will pitch in the number 3 spot.

SP - A.J. Burnett

What a star, year after year for the Florida Marlins has Burnett put up the numbers that we need and is the one of the back bones to this organisation succeeding. Burnett will pitch in the number 2 spot and is signed on for 3 more years at $5,000,000.

SP - Josh Beckett

Beckett had an average year last year and has been put through his paces during the off season and during spring training. He has shown off his best stuff in some simulation games and is pitching at least 5 km/h faster than last season. He will be the Opening Day starter, he's signed on for 3 more years at $4,200,000.

LRP - Yorman Bazardo

We haven't seen much of Bazardo lately, but he is being put through his paces in spring training, which is how he has earned a spot in the MLB bullpen and still isn't sitting in the bullpen down at the Mudcats (AA affiliate). He will be pocketing $500,000 this year.

LRP - Logan Kensing

Kensing hasn't had a very productive career so far and is looking at being demoted down to the Isotopes (AAA affiliate). He is earning $900,000 this year, so he needs to improve his numbers just a tad to stay around this ball club.

LRP - Jason Anderson

We were lucky enough to pick Anderson up from the Yankees in the off season as they were pretty hard customers to please. Anderson will be part of the long term goal of getting this ball club to be as dominant as possible. He will earn $1,300,000 for his efforts.

MRP – John Riedling

fter playing many a season for the Reds, Riedling was picked up by the Isotopes last season but didn't register very many wins for his performance but is prooving to be a great strikeout pitcher. He'll be around for a few more years at $1,300,000.

MRP - Nate Bump

Bump it up, Nate didn't put up the numbers that the Marlins expected last year but he is getting a second and last chance this year to put in the effort that's needed. In the off season he has worked on his pitching and will hopefully rack up a few more strikeouts that will be needed. He will pocket a nice $800,000 for his efforts.

MRP – Scott Proctor

Only being around for a few years doesn't help the Marlins decide on what to do with Proctor as he was added into a deal with the Yankees. He has a career win loss record of 2-1 in the MLB and 8-8 in AAA. He will be paid $300,000 for this season and then re-evaluated at the end of the season.

SU – Antonio Alfonseca

After coming back to the Marlins at the start of last year Alfonseca hasn't put up the numbers that they were expecting and could find himself right in the middle of a trade later on this season. He'll earn $1,300,000 this year if he stay with us.

CL – Francisco Rodriguez

A pickup that the Marlins are very happy with. Rodriguez picked up 43 saves last year for the Angels and is hoping to strikeout as many players and save as many games as he can for his new club, he was also quoted in saying "I love this new ballclub, it makes me perform even better as I'm onlyt just starting out here." He will earn $3,100,000 for his efforts.

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Confirmed Florida Marlins 2006 lineups

Batting Lineup:

1 - Juan Pierre - CF

2 - Luis Castillo - 2B

3 - Barry Bonds - LF

4 - Matt Wotherspoon - 1B

5 - Miguel Cabrera - RF

6 - Mike Lowell - 3B

7 - Alex Gonzalez - SS

8 - Paul Lo Duca (Vs LHP) Josh Willingham (Vs RHP) - C

9 - Pitcher

Note: Willy Mo will bat 7 when playing Inter League pushing Gonzalez & the Catcher down 1 spot.


1 - Robert Andino - SS

2 - Catcher

Pitching Rotation:

1 - Josh Beckett

2 - A.J. Burnett

3 - Dontrelle Willis

4 - Danny Haren

5 - Casey Fossum


LRP - Yorman Bazardo

LRP - Logan Kensing

LRP - Jason Anderson

MRP - John Riedling

MRP - Nate Bump

MRP - Scott Proctor

MRP - Tim Spooneybarger

SU -Antonio Alfonseca

CL - Francisco Rodriguez

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Game 1: San Francisco Giants (0-0) @ Florida Marlins (0-0)

Bonds/Cabrera go BANG!


Above: Bonds goes yard off the first pitch he faces this season, Right: Rodriguez Celebrates the Victory.

Opening Day in Florida. You couldn't ask for a better game for the Marlins as they trampled all over the Giants from the first pitch to the last pitch.

Barry Bonds was the star of today's game hitting his 739th Home Run of his career with the hit coming off the first pitch he faced for the day.

Willis dominated over 6 innings only giving up 6 hits and no runs. While the bullpen couldn't keep a lid on it and let 3 runs get scored in the 9th.

Marlins Talk:

Bonds: "I think I'm actually going to try and get this record this year as that Home Run i hit today felt great and I'm feeling great so everything should just flow from here.

Lo Duca: "We used our heads today when we were in the batting box with Barry and Miguel getting on top of their pitchers."

Marlins Notables:


Pierre - 3/5, 3SB, K

Cabrera - 2/4, 1HR, 1 Triple, 3RBI

Wotherspoon - 2/4, 3SB, K

Bonds - 1/3, 1HR, 3RBI, K


Willis - 6I 6H 0R 0ER 1BB 0K 0HR 0.00ERA W(1-0)

Bump - 1I 1H 0R 0ER 0BB 0K 0HR 0.00ERA

Alfonseca - 1I 0H 0R 0ER 1BB 0K 0HR 0.00ERA

Rodriguez - 1I 3H 3R 3ER 0BB 1K 1HR 27.00ERA


	 R   H   E

SF   3   10   1

FLA  8   14   1

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did you sim a season - and then make the Roster moves?

nice start btw - looks familiar ;):lol:

Yeah i simmed the first season while managing the pre season.

This probably won't be as updated as yours but im hoping to get one or two games up every couple of days.

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Game 1: San Francisco Giants (0-1) @ Florida Marlins (1-0)

Haren shuts out Giants


Above: Wotherspoon hits his first for the season, Right: Bonds after 1 of his 2 doubles.

It was a slow start to the second game of the season for the Marlins but after they got hitting there was no stopping the Super Fish.

Danny Haren put up 7 great innings for his first start as a Marlin. He showed his talent in the third inning when he struck out the side. Haren only allowed 3 hits in the 7 innings he pitched which is a great sign for the Marlins.

Barry Bonds had a great day today going 3 for 4 with 2 doubles but could not get a hold of the ball to get it out of the ground. Wotherspoon also put up his first Home Run of the season hitting it 402ft into right field off a change up.

Marlins Talk:

Haren: "I think having a new start at the Marlins has helped me out because the pitching staff here are great and have helped me alot."

Willingham: "With Paul (Lo Duca) out of the lineup at the moment because of his back I have had 2 great games so far going 3 for 3 today which was great."

Marlins Notables:


Bonds - 3/4, 2 Doubles, 3RBI, 1R, K

Willingham - 3/3, 2 Doubles, 2R

Gonzalez - 2/4, 1R

Castillo - 2/5, 2RBI, 2R, SB, K


Haren - 7I 3H 0R 0ER 0BB 4K 0HR 0.00ERA W(1-0)

Kensing - 2I 0H 0R 0ER 0BB 1K 0HR 0.00ERA W(1-0)


	 R   H   E

SF   0   3   1

FLA  8   14  0

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Game 3: San Francisco Giants (0-2) @ Florida Marlins (2-0)

Fossum/Pena continue great start.


Above: Wily Mo's first HR of the season, Right: Fossum K's one of 6.

Another great win for the Super Fish today as they take the third game of the four game set against the Giants.

It was Casey Fossum's first start of the year and he prooved to be a sound investment for the Marlins this season as he went 6 innings with 4 hits allowed and 6 strikeouts.

K-Rod gave up 2 hits in the final inning but that didn't stop him getting the save.

Wily Mo Pena and Juan Pierre both went yard today with Pena hit a 2 run jack and Pierre with a solo shot. They were both 350+ft and the crowd really got behind the super fish as they saw another 2 HR day.

Marlins Talk:

Fossum: "I pitched great today and my curveball was really working for me in the first few innings."

Andino: "I couldn't believe that my first at bat this season would be a pop up out in the 8th inning, but atleast i got on the field today."

Marlins Notables:


Pena - 2/4, 1HR, 2RBI, 1R

Bonds - 0/2, 2BB, 1K


Fossum - 6I 4H 0R 0ER 0BB 6K 0HR 0.00ERA W(1-0)

Anderson - 1I 1H 0R 0ER 0BB 0K 0HR 0.00ERA

Alfonseca - 1I 0H 0R 0ER 0BB 2K 0HR 0.00ERA

Rodriguez - 1I 2H 0R 0ER 0BB 0K 0HR 13.50ERA (SV,1)


	 R   H   E

SF   0   7   1

FLA  3   5   0

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