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San Diego Padres - Friar Magic


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San Diego Padres Dynasty:

This will be a little bit different then the normal one's here. I wont play every single game. I will likely play one game, sim a week and post the results. I hope you enjoy, I haven't seen many Padres dynasties.


Game Settings:

Version:	 PC 

Difficulty:  All-Star (for now)

Sliders:	 Custom (Not tweaked too much)

Rosters:	 BBF Rosters V.9

Other:	   StrikeZone ON / Hot Colds ON / Pitch Cursor FADE / Fielding MANUAL

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Padres Hire MLB Executive Alderson As CEO

San Diego Padres Hire MLB Executive Sandy Alderson As CEO in a Five-Year Contract

AP SAN DIEGO Mar 28, 2005 — On the brink of opening day in San Diego Sandy Alderson was hired Tuesday as chief executive officer of the San Diego Padres, who hope he can bring the franchise the same success he had with the Oakland Athletics more than a decade ago. "He basically run's the team now. From the smallest details to the bigger picture, he's the man in charge. We're glad to have him too," Owner John Moores.

Alderson, who has been one of major league baseball's top executives since 1998, was given a five-year contract and will become a minority owner.


"My expectations for Sandy are modest," owner John Moores said at a news conference. "I want him to turn this into the best baseball franchise in America."

Alderson will be in charge of baseball operations for a franchise that has reached the playoffs only three times in its 37-year history. The Padres' last postseason appearance was in 1998, when they were swept by the New York Yankees in the World Series.

Dick Freeman will remain as president and become chief operating officer.

Alderson became executive vice president for baseball operations in the commissioner's office in September 1998.

Prior to that, he served as general manager and president of the Athletics. During his tenure, the A's won four division titles and reached three straight World Series, winning the title in 1989.

"He will have to approve of all moves, made by GM Kevin Towers. He also has partial ownership in the franchise now," said owner John Moores. This brings up the question, with Alderson now in town and Tower's contract up at the end of the year- who need him? Why would Alderson sign his contract anyway? Tower's time in San Diego may be up.

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Alderson takes over

Newly Acquired Sandy Alderson began his reign as Padres CEO with a few moves.

AP SAN DIEGO April 1, 2005 --- Today's game will have some new faces for the Padres as they take on the Colorado Rockies for opening day. Earlier this week Sandy Alderson was quoted saying he would not make too many deal's before the season started. Saying he would be focusing on current Padres contract extensions, which were put on hold once Aldesron was acquired. Well two major trade's later, it appears Alderson lied.

In his first trade, Alderson acquired relief pitcher Blaine Neal and Eric Byrnes from the Colorado Rockies for Dave Roberts and Pedro Astacio. However, he phoned Eric Byrnes only a day later to tell him he was involved in another, bigger trade with his former team, the Athletics.

Alderson, a former Athletic himself, pulled one of the bigger deals in Padre History. A 10 player deal reeking with Star Power. Officially he sent, AAA RP Michael Thompson, SP Woody Williams, OF Eric Byrnes, RF Brian Giles, SP Adam Eaton, and C Ramon Hernandez for C Jason Kendall, SP Barry Zito, SP Danny Haren, and CF Mark Kotsay. "Well, I wasn't planning on making any big deals, anyway, but the opportunity came up to solidify our rotation as one of the best young rotations in the league and we couldn't pass it up," Alderson said. Financially, the trade was a wash, each team taking on the same amount of money. But Alderson's day was not slowed there he also signed 3 year extensions to Khalil Greene, Xavier Nady, and newly acquired Danny Haren for a "good price" Alderson says. One thing is clear, Alderson is making his presence felt.


icon_col.gif Dave Roberts and Pedro Astacio for Eric Byrnes and Blaine Neal

icon_oak.gif Brian Giles, Woody Williams, Eric Byrnes, Adam Eaton, Michael Thompson, and Ramon Hernandez for Jason Kendall, Barry Zito, Danny Haren, and Mark Kotsay

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Bochy's Opening day Lineup card

CF: Mark Kotsay

C: Jason Kendall

2B: Mark Loretta

LF: Ryan Klesko

RF: Xavier Nady

1B: Mark Sweeney

3B: Sean Burroughs

SS: Khalil Greene


1B: Phil Nevin

IF: Damian Jackson

OF/2B: Eric Young

OF: Kerry Robinson

1B/C: Robert Fick


1. Barry Zito

2. Jake Peavy

3. Brian Lawrence

4. Danny Haren

5. Tim Stauffer

Setup: Scott Linebrink

Setup: Akinori Otsuka

Closer: Trevor Hoffman

Long: Denny's Reyes

Middle: Chris Hammond

Middle: Paul Quantrill

Middle: Rudy Seanez

A reporter on the field at Coor's field for pregame festivities spoke with Bochy. "The only reason Peavy isn't starting is because we want him to start the home opener. Phil's (Nevin) got a soar back from a play in spring training, he'll be available as a pinchi hitter, though." That is your 2005 San Diego Padres.

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I'm from southern california... about 45 minutes south of San Diego. Padres are of course my favorite team.

How does everyone else feel about the trades? I mean, in real life the A's are interested in Giles... trying to trade away Zito. I sent them two great pitchers in Woody Williams and Adam Eaton (Younger then Zito), an all star catcher in Ramon Hernandez, an all star right fielder in Giles, Eric Byrnes (who kills righties) and a good prospect. I don't see how it's unbelievable.

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I'm from southern california... about 45 minutes south of San Diego. Padres are of course my favorite team.

How does everyone else feel about the trades? I mean, in real life the A's are interested in Giles... trying to trade away Zito. I sent them two great pitchers in Woody Williams and Adam Eaton (Younger then Zito), an all star catcher in Ramon Hernandez, an all star right fielder in Giles, Eric Byrnes (who kills righties) and a good prospect. I don't see how it's unbelievable.

I'm going to ask a stupid question living in San Diego myself, if you lived 45 minutes south of San Diego we would call that Rosarito, Mexico not Southern California.

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Opening day: Zito struggles in first game with Padres

Rockies rough up Padres at Coors

AP COLORADO April 5, 2005 --- Barry Zito took on Jason Jennings on opening day at Coors field, as the Padres lost to the Rockies 9-1. Newly Acquired Barry Zito gave up 8 ER in 7 IP and did not look conisistent on the mound. Zito was a CY Young pitcher one inning and batting practice pitcher the next. However, his counterpart Jason Jennings pitched a no-hitter into the 6th inning and also pitched the rest of the game. Although most of the Rockies' batters had good games, two player's really stood out.

Aaron Miles and Dave Mohr each had 3 RBI's and both went deep, Miles twice. Brad Hawpe and Luiz Gonzalez also went yard in what seemed to be a dismantling of Zito today. The only RBI for the Padres came through Xavier Nady's double in the 7th inning. This was the only time the Padres even threatened in the game and Jenning's cruised to a complete game.

"Hopefully we can come back and win the series, I'd hate to drop back in our first series," said Manager Bruce Bochy. "Regardless of how he pitched today, Barry Zito is still one of the best pitchers in baseball and I'm sure he'll lead us this season," he added. "I sucked today I just sucked," was the only comment available from Barry Zito.


WP- Jason Jennings (1-0) - 1 ER - 9 IP - CG

LP- Barry Zito (0-1) - 8 ER - 7 IP

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It's Dustan Mohr, not Dave. Small mistake.

About the trade, the only thing I don't like about it is that it seems like you're trading away a whole team for another team. That's the only unbelievable thing to me.

Great dynasty so far though.

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even though if there were a cy young award for the second half, zito would be the winner or close to it.

he's not going anywhere this year, and next year looks likely he'll stay too. once hudson and mulder were dealt, it was written in stone that zito wouldn't be traded, no matter what articles said, because this is from beane's mouth.

but enough of that, good luck with the san diego a's.

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Opening day pregame celebrations were quickly forgotten once the game started

Opening Day: Pitching Duel, Game saving homeruns, Extra Innings, and Bench Cleared

Wild Opening Day

AP SAN DIEGO April 7th, 2005 --- The great opening day celebration's quickly took a back seat in this very wild 10 innings of baseball. As the smoke from the opening day fireworks cleared, two men emerged. Jake Peavy and Mark Redman both pitched an amazing pitcher's duel. Through nine innings the only run socred was in the 5th inning on a single by his counterpart, Redman. This was a fairly quick game because of the pace at which the pitcher's were throwing. Khalil Greene showed off his glovework in many play's throughout the game and also was the first hit by the padres in the 6th inning as he doubled off the left field wall. Greene was one of the many standouts in today's game for the padres. Peavy was pinch hit for in the bottom of the eigth after giving up 1 run in 8 innings pitched. However, Redman was set to pitch the ninth inning.


The bottom of the ninth looked bleak as the padres did not think they would score, when Mark Loretta connected for a 1 run homerun in the bottom of the ninth. The crowd had not been so loud since the first pitch. With this new lease on life the Padres went into the 11th inning confident. "This one really hurts, when Loretta hit the homer, we thought 'Yes. Now we got it.' Story book ending, you know, extra innings comeback win in dramatic fashion," Bochy said. This did not turn out to be true, as Chris Hammond (relieved Peavy in the ninth) gave up 2 runs in the top of the tenth. Only one was earned and the other was thanks to a two out error by Phil Nevin. This set the stage for Jose Mesa to come in, in the bottom of the 10th for his 1st save attempt. He opened the inning by walking Xavier Nady. Then things went bad. His first pitch to Ryan Klesko was at his head, a message to stop crowding the plate. In response, Klesko obviously moved closer to the mound. "In hindsight, maybe that was not the best move. But I'm not gonna say I'm sorry, everything that happend was both of our faults." The next pitch hit Klesko in the back and the benches cleared.


The scene that transpired eventually equalled Klesko being thrown out of the game. San Diego is still awaiting the new's on how long he will be sidelined. Damian Jackson came into pinch run and Mark Sweeney pinch hit for the pitcher Chris Hammond. Sweeney batted into a double play which but advanced the runner to 3rd. Mark Kotsay put an end to the games excitement as he struck out for the final out of the game. The game ended 3-1.


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