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Classic Cyberface 'roll call'


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Cyberface Makers:

We are getting closer to releasing the TC P3 mod. It has been more work than we thought.

Pics, rosters, audio, logos, uniforms, testing it all together, etc., etc.

With that said any of these awesome cyberfaces of 'Classic' players, to be included in the mod, please upload or let us know (a PM and / or e mailing the uni to me will work also.

They have to be numbered and put in the.mbe and models.big files)

EVERYTHING seen here, preview wise, would be a 'welcome' addition.

Any last minute additions are also welcome

Keep in mind there are some people who just DL TC and DO NOT even

work with MVP edit or .bat files, etc. (this will be their only chance to see them)

A 'Thank You' to ALL cyberface makers. You are an important

part of the team efforts!

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