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Version 4 Bats


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Well, I uploaded version 4 to MVPMods...I've included both the entire initstaz.big file for those of you that just want to copy and paste it, as well as the old batch file method for those of you that can figure that out.

Here is a quick screenie:


The last bat project I am working on is a mod that includes around 50 bats...I just haven't figured out the best way to access them all in the game. As of now it only allows 8 at a time...I can put as many as I want in the initstaz.big, but you can only see the first 8 of them. My first attempt was a batch file that just renames them all each time you run it, so bat1 becomes bat2, bat2 becomes bat3 and so on...that works okay, if not a bit cumbersome, but it totally eliminates any coorelation between rglass's editor and the bat file as the bats are continually being renamed...If I could only figure out to fix the game to allow all 50 bats at the selection screen...... :banghead:

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