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1992 Replay Roster


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I've started a little project of my own. I'm trying to create a roster (.mbe) file that uses the teams from the 1992 season. I've started with the four teams that made it to the postseason that year-the Blue Jays, A's, Pirates and Braves. It's primarily for exhibition games, but you could start a dynasty with it, who knows?

What I'm hoping that some of my fellow oldtimers may be able to help me with is info on the players from that time. Any data on batting stances, which generic face to use, which pitches those pitchers threw, etc. especially for those four teams, would be much appreciated.

As an example, I'm currently struggling with a batting stance for Dave Winfield. I can't decide whether to use Sosa, or make him a right-handed Reggie Jackson- I'm currently leaning toward Reggie-anybody have any thoughts?

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