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1987 rosters


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I'm planning to work on a set of 1987 rosters...

I want to do these because back in the day my favorite game was epyx's "the sporting news baseball' on C64, and had all 1987 rosters.

what im' doing is importing from lahman database and creating the major league and AAA rosters from that, and I may fill out the AAA rosters with real life prosepects in the organizations at the time.

I'll fix the pitches guy's through according to the new neyer/james book of pitchers. finally I'll try to go through and make guys faces look about right. I'd like to put portraits in if someone winds up doing them, ie for Boggs, Mattlingy, Gwynn, Puckett, stars of the time. a lot of these guys have numbers in the database from the triple play days, but no picture on mvp 2004 - I'd always thought a good project would be to add portraits for everyone who is in the default database but has no pic.

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