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I had a question for the guys that put out roster updates for the ps2 and xbox. When I first bought the game a could never hit a homerun but now I can and of course I learn about the lefty problem. At first I thought it was a righty problem but really it is just a flaw that will be fixed in next years version of mvp 2005.

Anyways with rosters downloads by Gforce's total minor's 2 (converted by Krawitham) and Kerm's final (converted by Gomer) console players are now seeing lefties hitting homeruns which is great. The problem with righties hitting to many homeruns still remains.

I learned about mvpedit and have tried to use it but I'm no scientist by any means at all. But if you can increase the lefty homerun % vs righty and lefty pitching couldn't you just decrease the right handed batters homerun% as well.

Bonds homerun% in mvpedit is like 14 vs lefties and 11 vs righties but he still isn't that good so couldn't you just double those numbers or would that make him like superman.

I have a unmodded xbox and my pc sucks. I just bought the pc version to try and learn how to use some of the excellent mods including mvpedit that you guys have here so I would try to do it on my own but really don't want to make a mistake.

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i have been working on the same things in mvp edit because i have the same problem as you sort of, i cant update my pc version coz its on import (im in UK, game wasnt released here, stupid EA again) so i have been modifying rosters in mvp edit because in game the hot cold zones as well as velue gets messed up

what i have found works quite well is putting lefty power up 20 then pushing the HR % up 10%

the key thing to notioce is that if you put HR % str8 up then the other %'s will get messed up... simply putting HR% from 17 to 27 will make the percentage of fly balls go down 10 percent... the best way to do this is reduce all lefty liner % by 10 %... this will in turn bump that 10% onto HR's

this makes sense because with the bug all lefty's hit too many liners because of the extra topspin...

pushing lefty power up 20 might be a lot... and this depends on your sliders... i found that not only were lefty's hitting too few homers, rightys were simply hitting too many, so after pushing lefty's up a lot i have reduced batting power slider a bit from what it was and now i get 2 HR's per game maximum (maybe 3 in small parks)... usually just 1 or 0 in big parks

this is for pc, but hopefully it should be helpful to you

i pm'd rglass (creator of mvpedit) about some info regarding which affects HR's more, power or HR% and theres no reply as yet... ill let you know if i get one

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