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Should I Do These Trades? (Oakland)


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I'm the Athletics and can do the following trades, with fair trades ON

I have 16.7 Million free in cap room

Frank Thomas (6 mil/1 year) to Cincy for Ken Griffey (12.9mil/4 years)

I would then shorten Griffey's contract to a 1 year deal, if he wants a little more money i'll give it to him and when i resign him in the offseason since he's 33 i'm sure he'll take less money then 12.9

I'm also looking into getting Jose Reyes, Chase Utley, Kaz Matsui, or Placido Polanco for 2b...i may use Utley at 1st if i trade for him

I could trade Kirk Saarloos for Utley straight up but I don't think that's fair so I'd probably throw in a top good pitching prospect of mine

I could also trade kirk saarloos straight up for jose reyes with fair trades on...that trade too i would throw in a top prospect

kaz matsui has a 7million cap figure so i'll stay away from him

my lineup currently....

[align=right]so the new lineup

Starting Lineup

C - Jason Kendall (on disabled list)

SS - Bobby Crosby

CF - Mark Kotsay

3B - Eric Chavez

DH - Frank Thomas/Keith Ginger vs LHP

2B - Marco Scutaro

1B - Dan Johnson

LF - Milton Bradley

RF - Nick Swisher


2b - mark ellis

3b - keith ginter

lf - bobby kielty

lf - charles thomas

c - adam melhuse

c - alberto castillo (while kendall is out)

Starting Rotation

Barry Zito (0.00 ERA in two starts)

Rich Harden (5.25 ERA in two starts)

Joe Kennedy (4.97 ERA in two starts)

Joe Blanton (1.50 ERA in 1 start)

Estaban Loiza (0.60 ERA in 2 starts)

Bullpen (has not given up a run in 6 games!)

Danny Haren

Kirk Saarloos

Juan Cruz

Huston Street (on disabled list)

Jairo Garcia

Mike Hawkins (sidearm lefty)[/align]

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Well if this were real life, the Reds would never give up Griffey for Thomas and same goes for Utley; I don't think they'd trade him for anyone, no matter how good the deal was. If you would update your rosters stats wise you would be loving Ellis at 2b and Johnson at first.

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johnson's fine for me, i'd just use him as a DH if i got utley if frank thomas was gone

nick swish is batting .176 after 10 or so games, so if i were to get griffey i'd send him back to the minors and put griffey in RF

utley at first

I'd throw in a prospect or two with thomas then if the griffey trade is unreal....on the game tho, thomas and griffey's stat difference isn't that big

thomas is actually doing good for me i just dont like him

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and also about reyes, i could use him at 2nd base

I'm using kendall as a leadoff hitter, i'd rather have a real speedy guy....I like using kotsay at my three because i hit really good with him for avg and power

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okay i made one trade

I get ken griffey Jr (4year @ 12.9M)....i gave up frank thomas (1year @ 6M), jay payton (1 year @ 2.80M), and my #2 pitching prospect behind dan meyer, i gave up J. Ellis a 24 year 4 star pitcher (1year @ 300k)

I think that can be realistic because ken griffey JR has a huge contract, and frank thomas and payton are expiring after this year plus they get a 4 star pitching prospect

I restructured ken griffey's contract from 4 year @ 12.9M to 2 year @ 12.9M

i was hoping to make it 1 year but he wouldn't accept 18M, and i was willing to pay it! but this will work out too

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