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Injuries/suspensions in TC5


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I did a quick search and didn't find that this has been covered.....but it finally dawned on me (after deleting 3 Dynastys) that if you allow injuries and suspensions when setting up your Dynasty you will create havoc with the rosters.

Example...If you manage a team in CL-1 (formerly ML) and another team in CL-1 has an injury and you allow automatic changes, you will have a player that is in CL-2 (AAA)...or CL-3(AA) moved to that CL-1 team.....So you could have a player from the Yankees '27 (CL-2) team suddenly be on the '71 Pirates (CL-1).

I could not for the life of me figure out what was causing the rosters to get screwed up....and then :idea: ...it hit me.

I assume you either have to....

#1....not allow injuries/suspensions...or...

#2....do changes manually by only using FA players to replace the regular roster player.

Just for information only in the event others may have experienced the same situation....

<NOTE TO SELF....I hope someone else has had the same thing happen, so I don't look like a complete fool. :oops: ...But then again, nobody's perfect>

Plus....These Classic teams are just too much fun to let something like this bother you. :D

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