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Is this possible and what would it entail?


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You know the camera you get in the homerun Showdown? Well I'd absolutely LOVE to bring that camera into the game. Maybe it could be set up so when you crush an absolute homer the camera would stay behind the batter and watch the ball fly out of the park (like we currently see in the showdown).

It's like in the old Triple Play days when there were awesome rewards for when you hit a homerun unlike in this game where you scroll over the field. It just don't feel as good as it should. Remember in Triple play when you really crushed the ball you could just watch the batter admiring the ball flying out of the park? We don't get to enjoy that anymore and it takes away from the game. That was my favorite thing about Triple Play, the homerun camera.

So my question is this: Can we have the home run contest camera used ingame and further, can we have it intiated only when a Home run is hit?

Any help and/or explanations would be appreciated ... (maybe this has been attemted before?)

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