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Computer Errors


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My laptop cannot read certain types of cd-rewritable media (to be specific Maxell and Memorex CD-RW's). I will insert a cd in and the computer will think the cd is blank when in actuality data was burned to it.

For example , I tried to save the internet explorer shortcut to d drive where the cd-rewritable is. The cd appears to burn successfully and in fact if it is not ejected after burning is completed it will actually show the shortcut that I burned. The CD's are burned using the default Windows software , I merely drag the files to d drive and click burn on windows explorer.The weird thing is when the cd is ejected and then put back in the cd is suddenly "blank" like nothing was burned (when in fact something was burned to the cd)

At first I thought it would be a software problem so I reformatted. This appeared to solve the problem for a while but it returned. I reformatted again yesterday and the problems continue , and I reformatted a few hours ago and the problems persist. I called toshiba support and they suggested that I burn the cd using 3rd-party software , but since the errors occur right after reformat (I put a cd with data in right after reformat and it was "blank") this is probably useless.

Any suggestions?

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