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The New Yankees - Fantasy Drafted and Ready for Action


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Boston 12 - New York 3

Maybe it was the manager's fever or his illness. Maybe it was the fatigue.

Whatever it was , it was inexcusable.

Boston pounded New York from the start and took an early 4-0 lead. The team which was ranked in the beginning of the year #1 in offense did not show it today until the late innings , mustering up 11 hits and giving up 16. Mike Mussina was given the loss. The same idiotic defensive gaffes and swings at balls clearly outside the strike zone that happened in Washington continued to plague the team. Ixcuincle saw slight hope in his team when the useless crap known as "hot/cold" zones was triggered off , helping him to focus.

"That [expletive] is a piece of [expletive]" , he said. "Completely useless. Take that [expletive] out of the game."

"It sucked today" , Mussina said. "Some of the pitches I had were there , but our offense didn't produce."

The Yankees offense was shut down by Javier Vasquez of the Sox , who got the win.

The New Yankees were stacked with talent and many of Ixcuincle's favorite players growing up. Players such as Jerry Hairston Jr. , Alex Rodriguez , Carlos Beltran , Jermaine Dye , and Alfonso Soriano received and accepted invites to join the fantasy team. Many ex-yankees received invites too , such as Soriano and Nick Johnson. Ixcuincle started this team after 1) a computer reformat and disk error prevented him from loading his Nationals dynasty and 2) he felt like actually winning for a change instead of going into 7-8 game slides under the Nationals dynasty.

The team was so stacked with offensive players and bench players , that somehow Ixcuincle neglected to draft relievers. Only 3 relievers are on the Yankees squad.

"Hopefully we can win again tommorow. Being embarassed like this to a rival really angers me greatly.", Ixcuincle said.

Pictures of a new riverside "Yankee Field" and batting lineups / pitching rotations will come soon.

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New York 10 - Boston 6

After Boston took a 2-run lead , 2-0 , in the 2nd inning , Ixcuincle muttered ," Here we go again." The Yankees , to no one's surprise , were trailing the Red Sox again and had not led at all this nascent season.

Until the top of the 2nd.

The Yankees began scoring against Red Sox pitcher Jason Schmidt and tied the game. Then Carlos Beltran came to the plate.

On the second pitch , Beltran belted a home run to left field to give the Yankees their first lead of the season.

The Yankees would never look back as they scored 5 in the 2nd and held off the Red Sox to win their first game of the season and end Ixcuincle's losing streak with both the Nationals and the Yankees.

"It feels good to win again." , Ixcuincle said.

The Yankees almost blew their 3-run lead when the Red Sox scored 2 in the 5th to pull within one. The Yankees responded by scoring 1 run to put their lead back up at 3. The Red Sox scored 1 run in the 7th before New York blew the doors open with a 4-run 7th to put the game out of reach for good.

On this day , the offensive plague that was apparent last game appears to have subsided a bit. The Yankees hit the ball with ease and had 18 hits.

The only concern for the Yankees was Alex Rodriguez , who went 0-5 today and is batting .111 in 2 games. "I know I'm not playing as well as I should" , Rodriguez said after the game. "Hopefully I'll start producing again."

Scoreboard : http://img81.imageshack.us/img81/4897/yank...oreboard9vr.jpg

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Boston 7 - New York 1

Jae Seo shut down the Yankees offense , and Brad Halsey appeared impressive in his season debut as the Red Sox won today 7-1. They took the series 2-1.

The game appeared to be a pitcher's duel in the first 4 innings as both pitchers allowed no runs. Eventually , the Red Sox would start scoring off Brad Halsey , scoring 2 runs. Halsey left the game and was replaced by reliever Ruben Quevedo , who promptly gave up 2 more runs in the inning. The Yankees hoped to come back , but Jae Seo's eccentric delivery messed up their offensive rhythm.

"It's just the way he pitches , you know" , Ixcuincle said. "His leg was all Dontrelle Willis-style."

Many of the Yankees hitters blamed this eccentric pitching delivery for their inability to score runs , and their tendency to repeatedly fly and ground out.

"Hopefully things will get better tommorow." , pitcher Mike Mussina said.

The Red Sox managed to shut the Yankees out until the 9th when Alex Rodriguez scored on a RBI double. They play Baltimore next.

Notes : Many Yankees , including catcher Jason Kendall and shortstop Miguel Tejada , were given the day off as is the customary tradition on the 3rd day of the series. Alex Rodriguez broke out of his mini-slump with 2 hits to re-establish himself as an offensive threat. He has not hit any home runs yet though. "I'm still trying to find that home run ball" , he said.

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Baltimore 15 - New York 3

The New York Yankees hitting struggles continued as they were completely shut down today by the Baltimore Orioles , 15-3. The Orioles pounced on starter Scott Kazmir early , scoring 6 in the 1st , and never looked back.

"Honestly" , general manager Ixcuincle said , "this may have been the most idiotic loss ever. In all my time in MVP...my teams have never , ever been humiliated like this. Very disappointing."

The Yankees impotence was further proven when they could only rack up 2 hits in 5 innings. By the 5th inning the score was already 10-0. Many of the Yankees were too aggressive , too impatient , swung at pitches that were practically 3 feet outside the strike zone.

"They need new glasses." , manager Joe Torre said. "They cleary can't see [expletive]"

Torre was ejected in the bottom of the 9th after furiously going out on the field following the 3rd out. No word is out on whether he has been suspended.

"I wish we could play again , I wish we could play tommorow so we can show these guys who is truely the better team." , Torre said. The team is expected to go on a 3-day break from baseball due to technical problems.

"You didn't want to go into a 3-day break losing like this."

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Middle game : Orioles 9 - Yankees 0. In Daniel Cabrera's pinstripes debut , he was shelled in the first inning but regained composure and shut down the Orioles until the 8th. Unfortunately the Orioles took such a commanding lead in the first inning that the Yankees were never able to recover , and were shut out for their 3rd straight loss.

Game 3 : Yankees 6 - Orioles 2

With the team mired in a collective offensive slump and struggling , manager Joe Torre put an old saying up on the clubhouse door.

"Good things come to those who wait"

And come they did , as the Yankees shook off a 3-game losing streak and beat the Orioles 6-2. The Yankees took the early advantage in the 1st off Mark Buerhle and never looked back.

The offensive hitting slump faded away as Ixcuincle and Joe Torre changed their policy. In the past , Ixcuincle would often bash and insult players for flying out. During yesterday's game , when the Yankees were getting blown out , Ixcuincle could often be heard screaming profanity-laced tirades insulting the players as idiotic. The difference was , in today's game , instead of the usual tirades and profanity , Ixcuincle controlled his temper and stressed patience. As players flied and grounded out , they would come back to the dugout to words of encouragement from Ixcuincle instead of insults.

"It's nice to be praised for a change." , third baseman Alex Rodriguez said.

The Yankees were up 1-0 until the Orioles tied it up at 1. A few innings later , Alex Rodriguez would belt a 2-run homerun to right field to take a 3-1 lead. Mike Mussina pitched brilliantly and made up for his poor performance in his first start. It was also the first time this season New York's pitching had been good enough to limit the opponent to less than 5 runs. Mussina pitched until the 5th when a ball bounced off his leg. He was down for a couple of minutes , and the game was delayed for several minutes while paramedics ran onto the field. After the game , manager Joe Torre announced Mussina would be out for 41 days.

"Huge loss...but it gives new opportunity for others to step up in his place", Torre stated.

Reliever Ruben Quevedo will replace Mussina in his ace spot until he is fully healed.

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I was successfully able to redraft everyone I had lost when my dynasty got damaged , with the exception of Ruben Sierra. He was substituted by Jeromy Burnitz.

I will have to replay the first 6 or something games of the season but soon dynasty updates will occur again.

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Boston 2 - New York 1 (11)

An agonizing day for the Yankees ended up in the loss column as a triple in the 11th inning brought home a runner from 1st , and the Yankees dropped their 6th out of 7 games.

The game ended up as a pitching duel as Yankees starter Daniel Cabrera and Red Sox starter Tim Wakefield pitched 5 scoreless innings. Eventually , at the bottom of the 5th , a home run was hit by Boston , giving them a 1-0 lead. New York would eventually tie the game on a 7th inning base hit.

At one point , the Yankees had a chance to add another run to the board. The Red Sox center fielder grabbed the base hit , and threw to home , where Jason Kendall tried to score from 2nd. Kendall was tagged in a slide at home , making the 3rd out of the inning.

Yankees Manager Joe Torre expressed confidence over his team's play.

"The pitching has certainly improved slightly" , he said. This was the least amount of runs the Yankees had allowed in 7 games.

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