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A question about Progress.big


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I have noticed that there have been a lot of questions about the ratings of relief pitchers in Gforce's amazing Totalminors 3 rosters. I personally like the fact that stamina is low, it brings more realism to the game IMO. There is some problems with the minor league pitchers having higher stamina and thus being rated higher than major leaguers. The question I have is....would it be possible to change the stamina mins and maxes in the progress file so that say a 5 star relief pitcher would be a 50 min and an 80 max. Whereas a 1 star pitcher would have a 25 min and a 40 max rating. What I feel this would do is allow some RP to eventually be good enough to become a starter, but would also keep lower star pitcher from getting called up to the majors over some 3-4 star players. I think that Gforce said he might update the ratings, but if this works then after the first year it might make the rosters better. I would try it, but I don't mess with files. This is just a thought, maybe stupid, but I think it could make the game better.

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