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Hey guys looking for some help. 2 questions.

1. My Logitech Dual Action was recently reduced to a piece of **** after I broke it by slamming it against my desk because i lost a game of Madden 06 on a last second field goal from 58 yards out. (In FOXBORO while SNOWING). (No loss, it didn't work too well anyway). My question is what game controller would be in my price range of up to $20 that you guys have had good experience with. Also, where can I purchase it/can I get it for cheap at Best Buy? (preferably Best Buy as it is about a 5 minute drive from my house).

2. My computer's pretty damn old. I've just upgraded it a good bit. Specs:

Pentium IV 2.2GHz

768 MB RAM

80 GB Western Digital HD 7200 RPM

ATi Radeon 9550 AGP 4x

250 Watt Power Supply

Microsoft Windows XP SP2 Home Edition

Anyway, recently, my computer started freezing up and restarting often. It did this a few times before I installed the graphics card, but now it does (restart or freeze) about 1 time a day when I run high resource applications. (I leave my computer on 24 hrs a day however). Also, whenever I plug in a USB thumbdrive into a port the computer freezes. I have scanned for viruses and spyware etc. There were none. So i tried an experiment. I tried a USB thumb drive without a light on the end, the computer did not freeze. But when I insterted a USB thumb drive with a light on the end, the computer instantaneously froze.

I'm guessing this is a weak power supply problem. Do you guys agree? If not, do you know what could be the problem? And also, what size (not sure if this is the correct word) power supply would be necessary, what brand would be good, and where can I purchase it cheap? (I'm under a very tight budget).

Thanks for all your help :D

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To question #1

I use a Playstation Dual-Shock gamepad w/USB adapter. That costs around $30-$40 total depending on where and how you bought them.

Now a good gamepad for $20? Can't think of any. I had a Dual Action and the left analog went wonky on me after a few months use, so I decided to spend a little more for better durability.

Answer #2

250 watts is too weak for that computer. I'd look into something with more power and durability.

Here's the fun part: you'd have to do some research in order to find what you're looking for. Basically, the number of watts alone do not make a good power supply. It needs to be reasonably heavy and provide enough power in the right places. Excellent power supplies are likely not cheap; however, I use an 350W Allied brand power supply since 2003 and my computer hasn't short-circuited :) .

Research by searching for power supply guides on the Web. Some guides also have info on good and bad brands of power supplies. I'd shop on Newegg for a power supply because of prices, but you might consider going brick-and-mortar to get a feel for the power supplies yourself.

Also, check out this calculator to determine how power you're drawing from your power supply. And make your high-resource apps isn't causing your computer to be overheating.

P.S. Power supplies are among the easiest computer components to install. Stick it in a corner, screw it to the case, and plug the cables to where it needs plugging.

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I would agree it sounds like the PS, especially since it's been restarting more often since you've upgraded to the more power hungry 95xx. does that card have a ps plug? if so, did you plug it in? If you want a new case with ps, let me recommend the Antec Sonata 1 or 2 (2 has a bit stronger PS). newegg currently has the sonata 2 for $75 after rebate.

As for the gamepad, the Logitech Rumblepad 2 (corded or cordless) are good choices.

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To be safe I would not fire up that comp. anymore with a power supply that low just becuase of the risk you could take at shorting out any of your new pieces. Usually newer systems come with around 350-400w but this is usually for basic set ups most poeple can get away with that, but if you are running a DVD-rom drive or more than one CD drive this is all that should be taken into consideration also.

Anything that gets plugged into the PS is gonna use it, I think a safe number is usually 400-450 for pentium IV's to be safe.

If the problem persists after the new PS you may want to make sure your Motherboard is capeable of handleing the load you are putting on


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I suggest you get a Saitek P880. It's nice and works well for me. It costs about 20 dollars. I did see a cheap controller that looked like a ps2 one at one of the mall stores for 15 dollars.

I know what it feels like to have anger problems , though , I have a bit of a temper tantrum myself. When I used to be losing to opposition I used to hit the laptop in rage , apparently that wasn't such a good idea. I also used to hit my desk in rage after poor play by my team , that also ended up breaking the desk. :(

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