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Where's Nick Keren & Joel DeLeon ?


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Both Nick Keren with his Tony LaRussa Utilities and Joel DeLeon with his Oldtime Baseball "SuperPack" were tremendous contributors to that superb baseball series.

I really expected to eventually see them frequent MVPMods.

Does anyone still keep in touch with either of these fellows?

If so, please let them know about what is taking place here at MVPMods. I think each of them would be delighted in being part of this intriguing journey.

Not to mention we would all probably gain from their love for the game!



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I used all of Nicks utilities, great stuff. I haven't seen or heard from him in a very long time. You're right, they would be great to have around.

I can remember begging my mom to order Nick's utilities for me. I saved my allowance and had her order them from him.

Man, those were some great times. Loved TLB.

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