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I'm really confused here and my testing has proved inconclusive.

Now over at the HH boards Rod said on 2 seperate occasions that this variable (#30,31 in 0xc12d4655 <batterai>) was one of the ones that controlled the speed of the ball off the bat, and the variable's name would point to that aswell being "ballspeed".

However in a different thread Kamasutra refferred to this line in BatterAI as controlling whether the Batter AI takes pitches or not. Originally I thought he had made a typo but when I tested it it infact seemed to indicate batters taking pitches more than anything about the ball speed (Ie taking 1st pitch fastball for a strike rather than swinging all the time).

So does anybody conclusively know what this line does?

0x2ebaa4d1 45<batterai>;0 ;1 3#0.000000e+000,0.000000e+000,0.000000e+000#4.838308e-001,5.000000e-001,1.600000e-001#1.000000e+000,1.000000e+000,0.000000e+000#;2 ;3 3#0.000000e+000,0.000000e+000,0.000000e+000#4.838308e-001,5.000000e-001,1.600000e-001#1.000000e+000,1.000000e+000,0.000000e+000#;4 ;5 3#0.000000e+000,0.000000e+000,0.000000e+000#4.838308e-001,5.000000e-001,1.600000e-001#1.000000e+000,1.000000e+000,0.000000e+000#;6 ;7 50.0;8 0.0;9 0.0;10 50.0;11 0.0;12 0.0;13 0.000;14 0.000;15 0.900;16 1.100;17 0.850;18 1.150;19 0.000;20 0.000;21 0.950;22 1.050;23 0.950;24 1.050;25 ;26 65.0;27 35.0;28 ;29 0.0;30 0.75;31 0.95;32 50.0;33 0.000;34 0.000;35 10.0;36 0.000;37 0.000;38 10.0;39

Any help would be great!

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yea seriously... lets get some info on this... even though datafiles say they have adjusted batter patience i still cant get a fastball past the bat in the strikezone... to be honest, i would prefer a system where every cpu batter simply took the first pitch whatever it was period...

im being forced to mess around with all sort of batter contact numbers to get the pc to take pitches and that messes up how many good hits they get resulting in many many groundouts...

so heres me hoping that i can eventually go in and change one line to make batters be more patient

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Same here, Robmac.

Another interesting thing is that I also wanted to adjust the levels that the CPU chased outside the zone. So I adjusted the values in <battercpu> accordingly. But theoritically these should interfere with the "taking pitches" variable I would think. After all, chasing and taking are opposites.

But if they both chased more pitches outside the zones at appropriate times and took more pitches in the strike zone I think it would go along way to improving the realism and lower the feeling that they are Drones with perfect visions of the strike zone. Making the CPU act more human has been the goal all along, after all.

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yea... i read your post in the batter patience thread, but ill keep my responses here :)

its worth testing getting the batter to go searching out of the zone... I however never have a problem with this... if i throw a slider that cuts across the zone they will usually go chasing...

2 things: out of interest... what is your cpu batter contact at? (i assume your on all star?) i am forced to have mine at around -20... at least some batters are patient with this but i would like the challenge of being able to set this at zero and let the cpu get on base easily with a great hit if i make a mistake

are you using roddata? i am using version 4 which creates a lot more mistake pitches... i find that if i have been pitching a lot of mistake X balls the cpunwill become more patient... still not enough but maybe there is a variable that makes the AI realise that my starter is in trouble and they might be able to take 5 pitches and get a walk...

i also have pitch speed at -20 (as stated in roddata's sliders)... slower pitches help us humans to decide what is a strike and what is a ball... would the cpu use this logic also? or does it act like machine logic and know straight away if its apitch or a ball...

and finally... something that might help you find more variable or whatever... i have found that the pc tends to swing freely when there is no-one on base... but if there is a guy on 1st and 2nd for example and 0 outs they will be a lot more patient, trying to work the walk to move the runners up i suppose...


If you get some values you think that work (usually it helps to find an extreme first to make sure there is progress, then work backwards) feel free to PM me the lines so i can test it with my settings and give you some feedback on how it affects my set-up

GL :)

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But to clarify my position first ... about the AI batters chasing. The reason I want to increase this is because rarely, if not occasionally, in real life batters will swing at horrible pitches, sometimes even pitches in the dirt (throw to first on a K). But in here we have them rarely swinging at balls, even 2 inches out, let alone a pitch in the dirt. I've never seen a CPU batter swing at any kind of bad pitch way out of the zone.

I'm using a heavily modded Rodkey's 7 datafile but I only play on Pro. Reason for this is I stink at this game still ;) But I came over from NHL 2004 (EA sports aswell) and I modded alot of stuff over there so I jumped right into MVP.

Gone are the days of loving the game right out of the box I 'spose :p ... unfortunately ... the time I waste with this crap LOL.

Where was I, oh yes, I'm a lousy batter in this game and I chase alot of pitches way out of the zone, hell, I've swung at a few pitchouts, so I will try out that pitchspeed slider.

Oh and my batter contact for User and CPU are about -5 to -10 I believe but it's probably irrelevant since we are on different levels.

In the end my quest is for the CPU batters to swing at more balls and to swing less at strikes.

I'm going to get back to further testing this batterai business now ...

(ps another thing I'm pursuing is human batter contact on balls. Granted, there shouldn't be much success at swinging at balls, but when I'm Vlad Guerrero a 0% success rate with hitting balls doesn't do justice)

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ah right yea... good point... getting the pc to swing at mistake balls would actually be good... and also when watching you do see some batters become very good at even getting bass hits of balls out of the zone (i saw ichiro get like 4 base hits in a game all out of the zone low heh)

on that last point... i would think surely putting batter user contact up to your own preference would suffice... but i dunno... maybe that affects the quality of contact, not quantity...

anyway, ill leave you to your research and we'll see how it goes... but yea, if your using rodkey' then check out the readme that came with version 3 and there are some good sliders in there including cpu pitcher fatigue around -40 for lots of mistake balls etc

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Well after more testing it is definitely waht it says it is (unfortunately), ball speed.

I couldn't tell much a difference the lower I put but then I doubled it and the balls were flying like no tomorrow :(

Check out this thread over at HH ( http://www.highheat2004.net/forums/index.p...=Chase&st=0 ). It seems that he is referring to BallSpeedMaxMod_BatterPower which is 31 in <batterai> however Kamasutra seems very sure of it, and you gotta listen to him considering all his experience. But at the same time RRod has said more than once that it it's the speed of the ball and Snepp says so aswell. And I'd definitely agree now that I cranked it up.

So maybe there just isn't a variable after all for this.

One strange thing however is that I tried 5 games of testing after lowering this variable to .5 from 1.15 and got some oddly promising results. I recorded 1st pitch strikes to every batter I faced:

Morris for STL vs PHI 16 No Swing strikes to 10 swinging strikes

Liddle for CIN vs SD 15 No Swing strikes to 7 swinging strikes

Sheets for MIL vs ATL 18 No Swing strikes to 13 swinging strikes

Radke for MIN vs NYM 15 No Swing strikes to 19 swinging strikes

#31 <batterai> bumped up to 1.05

Perez for LA vs Det 11 No swing strikes to 21 swinging strikes

then I bumped it to 1.50 cause I didn't have time to test more games and wanted to see instant results

They swung at most first pitch strikes but what was most noticible was that the ball would go 500 ft on opposite field homeruns by 8 spot batters :/ The ball was really jumping.

And I watched 2 real ball games (Mets @ Yanks and Braves @ Orioles) and in both games the No Swing first strikes were outnumbered by only 1,3 Swinging strikes. So idealy it would be 50/50 in game to match real life. Of course in real batters take the first strike when they are expecting a different pitch from what they see or they face a new pitcher. They swing when they see a fastball and that's what they were expecting. I'm not sure if this is replicated in the game.

Back to the drawing board I guess :( Maybe a pm to Kamasutra would be a good idea to see if he was talking about the variable he typed out or whether he does infact know how to get players to take more pitches. I don't at this point.

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