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McFarlane Figures

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I only have a couple - mostly NFL players. I never really got into baseball's line of "Starting Lineup" figures except for their Hall of Fame & Cooperstown collections.

But, for the few I have of McFarlane, I have to say they're freakin' awesome! They seriously look like some model or something that should cost much, much more. I kind of thought he was just getting some money since the comic book biz isn't what it used to be. But, he has his own show on MLB.com and he's an actual fan.

A baseball fantatic with a great artist talent who sells his extremely detailed work for less than a reasonable price. Wow.

Plus, if or when they become actual collector items like Starting Lineups, I think fans who don't want to shell out the bucks will always be able to fall back on the 3-inch figures.

But to get back to your question, if I had some extra money, I'd really stock-pile this figures. 8)


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