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Few questions on modding Uni's


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I got started with Kccitystar's tutorial. But now, I have a few question:

1) Where can I find sample of the real uni 's? Like the ones that Fuzz shows on his posts?

2) How do I have the number in the front of the uni 's? I thought I have seen some Uni s with numbers in the front.

Thx very much,


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1.Try loooking up the teams on mlb.com, check out their team shops.

2. I don't think anyone had found that info out yet.

1. What if I want to find retro unis?

2. I saw some Reds Unis with numbers in the front. Were they by default like that, or did someone created them?


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The only way to make #'s show on the front is to replace a uni that already has a # on the front. For example, the LA Dodgers uni, version A, has a number on the front - so you would have to import your modded uni into Dodgers version A (with default Dodgers A #'s - f016d.fsh) to have #'s show up. NOTE: this way you are replacing the real Dodgers version A uni.

I personally NEVER play AAA or AA games. Another option would be to do above except w/a minor league team. But the #'s on the front will only work if the minor league team has #'s on the front by default.

Also if you make your unis for AAA Las Vegas but also install them to the Detroit Tigers as an add-on uni, the #'s will not show on the front.

Hope this helps

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