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Strange question from me


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This is a very strange question but here goes...

In Tony LaRussa Baseball they allowed you to make up to 8 additional Major League teams. When Tampa and Arizona came out this was how I added those teams to my game and I had 6 other cities that I thought would be good Major League towns taking part as well...

Here is my question

Is there a way to add a major league team to MVP 2005? and if there is how would one go about doing it? If I could locate the individual team saved file I could do it myself (Just duplicate, change names and away I go (Uniforms would be a big problem at least Tony LaRussa baseball had generic uniforms))

I hope you all don't mind me mentioning TL Baseball I thought it was a good game for its time and I mention it now because I think it is no longer made (Way out of production if I am correct)

Thank you for your help with this silly or strange question.

I put this here because I am not sure where it goes. I am not sure anyone has ever thought of adding teams to the game.

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