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Total Minors V3 Problem.


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I seem to have a problem with contracts in Total Minors V3.

I first noticed it when every free agent I tried to sign wanted a 0 year deal. I then tried to resign one of my players who was unhappy with their contract, and they also asked for a 0 year deal. I am unable to sign anyone to a new contract for any amount of years besides 0, they just refuse any other.

Is this a known issue, or something I can fix? This is the 2nd time i've installed TM V3 from a clean backup data set, so I'm not sure if I just have a bad backup data set, or there's something else wrong.

Anyway, any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


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Well, the fixed progress file posted by GForce did the same thing as the original, but the original Bill Harris progress file fixed the problem. Since they are pretty much identical it should work just fine.

Thanks Big Unit.

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