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61 season mod.....questions on installation


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Just had a quick question about installing mvp for the 61 season mod. Ive already installed mvp and the ILF update on my c drive, will I need a whole different partition and os on the same drive to install MVP again? I dont see an option to install any other way, if anyone can help me out with this id really appreciate it! TIA

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Hi davis25,

I am not sure what ILF is but from what I can gather you are asking about the answer is "Yes" you should have separate complete game Directories for each version of the game you have installed at this time.

There are several people working on having a very simple way to have only 1 version of the game installed and switching between the various Mods available but as of now I don't think any are ready for prime time.

Jim825 provided a good action plan to accomplish this in another thread which I have copied below for you (hope this helps):

There's a simpler way to have multiple installations without having to play around with the registry or install from the disks. Here are the steps:

1. Make a copy of your entire MVP Baseball 2005 folder (and all subdirectories).

2. Rename the copied MVP Baseball 2005 folder to something else (for example "MVP 1961"). You now have two separate copies of MVP Baseball installed.

3. When you install the *61 mod and are asked where to install the files, select your "MVP 1961" folder. Make sure that when you select the folder that you double click on it so that the subfolder icons appear (i.e. you actually open up the MVP 1961 folder). If you don't do this, the install will fail (trust me, this happened to me).

4. Create a new desktop icon by copying the original MVP Baseball 2005 desktop icon. Rename the new icon to MVP 1961 and edit the shortcut to point to MVP 1961 folder.

That's all there is to it!

Both versions of MVP ("Regular" and MVP 1961) have to share the profiles, .SAV rosters and dynasty files contained with the MVP Baseball 2005 directory within My Documents but that isn't a big deal. Everything else is separate like stadiums, uniforms, teams etc etc .....

Also, remember that if you want to install new stadiums, new uniforms, etc. and you want to install it in both versions of MVP that you need to run the installation twice, once for Regular MVP and once for MVP 1961.

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