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Big LCD Digital Cameras

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I'm considering getting a new digital camera with a huge 3.0" LCD. There are a few models out there. I'm interested in the Canon PowerShot SD630, HP Photosmart R927, and the Nikon Coolpix S6. I've read all the reviews, and I'm really stuck on which one I should get. Each one has it's own pros and cons (HP has more pixels in LCD, good help mode, Adaptive Lighting Technology, Canon has the long-term reliability (I have never gone wrong with a Canon) and it's has fast performance, Nikon has built in Wi-Fi, which could be useful for me, and it has face-priority AF and D-Lighting). I'm also considering the Kodak EasyShare V610 (although it has a 2.8" LCD, still plenty big), but I've heard that it's hard to hold, and it shakes a lot at 10x optical zoom, especially with no stabilizer. Wow, I've just written up a storm! If anyone could give a couple of recommendations, that would be great, because I really am stuck between these 4! Thanks!

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