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Ralph Houk


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Thanks for the comments. I had fun doing Mr. Houk. Yanks in first of course, 29-18, 5.5 games ahead of Boston. The M&M homers are quiet right now. Been fooling with different datafiles. Schmooz, Kumula and Maddy's. Went back to Maddy but Schmooz has great bloop hits.

What do you all use?

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I have stayed with KSM's V0.5 datafile because it provides me the most realistic action, results and wonderful camera angles. I only play CPU vs CPU however so that is why I haven't even tested too many other datafiles but have tested a few and returned to KSM's.

I am extremely pleased with the results and action that KSM's V0.5 provides.

Where are the Tigers in the penant race for you?

Who leads in Homers in each league?

Which team is leading in the National League?

How does your strikeout/walk ratios seem to be coming out?

Are your dominant pitchers doing better than your middle of the road skilled pitchers?

Thanks 69Yanks for all your information on your season. I am very interested in it as you continue.


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