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Lone Star State - The Houston Astros Dynasty


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Hey guys, I've decided to make an Astros Dynasty and share it with all you guys. Yes, I will do my best to play all my games, and I will try to play them as realistically as possible. (Five man rotation, trades, quitting...etc)

Here are some options and sliders I have set.

Various Options:

Difficulty Level: All Star

Fielding: MVP

No Strike Zone

No Hot/Cold Zones

Variable Strike Zone: Off

Ump Blown Calls: On


MVP 06 Livin' Large Mod Beta Release

Ultimate Rosters v 6.5 Standard Edition

FSN Overlay for MVP2K5 - Houston Version


User Pitch Meter Difficulty: 50

Pitch Speed: -5

CPU Pitcher Ball Rate: 8

User Pitcher Fatigue: -17

CPU Pitcher Fatigue: -17

User Pitch Control: 5

CPU Pitch Control: 0

Bullpen Fatigue Rate: 0

Bullpen Fatigue Grace: 0

User Batting Contact: -5

CPU Batting Contact: -11

User Batting Power: 0

CPU Batting Power: -30

User Bunting Ability: 5

CPU Bunting Ability: -7

User Foul Ball Frequency: 50

CPU Foul Ball Frequency: 50

CPU Swing Frequency: -25

User OF Speed (Manual & MVP): 2

CPU OF Speed: 2

User IF Speed (Manual & MVP): 0

CPU IF Speed: 0

User Throw Speed: 0

CPU Throw Speed: -0

User Throw Accuracy: 0

CPU Throw Accuracy: -18

User Catch Errors: 15

CPU Catch Errors: 35

User Dive Difficulty: 0

CPU Catch Effort: -15

User Baserunning Speed: 0

CPU Baserunning Speed: 0

User Runner Aggression: 0

CPU Runner Aggression: -7

User Runner Steal Speed: 2

CPU Runner Steal Speed: 2

User Runner Steal Delay: -3

CPU Runner Steal Delay: -3

CPU Steal Rate: 7

Runner Injury Frequency: 0

Pitcher Injury Frequency: 0

Batter Injury Frequency: 0

Fielder Injury Frequency: 0

Pitching MG Difference: 5

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Astros Shut Out In Season Opener


Astros looked good until defensive plunder in left field which allowed 2 runs to cross home during the sixth, which brought the Pirates to a commanding 4-0 lead. To many ducks left on the pond. No offensive production what so ever.

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