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Want to invite anyone to follow the PBA......

I have always created my own Leagues and teams on other games such as Tony 96.....the last 5 years or so I have predominantly played on the xbox......But knwoing about so many mods that is offered and available, I am finally, going to create 'my ultimate league creation' on a PC version of MVP.....I think in my lifetime I must have had thousands of teams named....often redoing leagues with newer versions of games, and sometimes simply change of ideas...I have rarely put the time in playing the Leagues as have creating them.....BUT this may change.....it's the plan, anyway......now with mods for MVP, I can create a league and see my teams actually have uniforms and player likenesses that no game has ever given me the chance to......

Let me introduce you to my plan, and then the teams:

*I have 14 teams, (kind of influenced by the old form of the MLB)

*Am going to play in the Al, but w/o DH ( again returning more to the origins of professional baseball)

*Of course, configure team unies and Rosters

*Will Post seasonal standings, answer any question, give players of the month and give a little info about that player. I won't be a beat writer, just give you folks a casual run down

*In order to have a 'historical statiistical basis' for my players to implement in the mvpeditor, I have given each player an average year,and searched on baseball-reference.com to find a player similar to use as a basis for their career numbers(Finished)

*I will only edit the triple-A affiliates team names and place default/unreal players on the AAA rosters

*Play only Sunday Games....i undertsnad that there is a mod to allow me to change a team in dynasty

*I will see about loading the League onto this site, but no promises, and I will let you know about it later

*as of June 16, i still have to edit the players and teams, so expect the League in action in roughly a month, if not before.

*Ask about preventing interleague play



Texas Bullets (San Antonio).....likeness of KC, with gray and white

bills from the 1990s

New Orleans Blues....likeness of toronto 2000

Memphis Hounds.......likeness to the mets spring training, i.e

blue hats, orange jerseys for home&away

St. Louis Pioneers......mixture of 1980s Padres and 1990s, with one

additional alternate unie of my creation

Alt uni-is vested style with pinstripes

AL Central:

Toledo Titans.....likeness to the 1997-99 Mariners

Detroit Lynx......likeness to 2006 Orioles

Chicago Hawks....likeness of the home uniform of the Ottawa Lynx

Indiana Scouts (Indianapolis)....likeness of San Diego of 2003

Louisville Gents.....likeness of the away jersey of the 1968 Braves

AL East:

New York Barons.....likeness to NY Giants, away unies have

shoulder trim style with New York across in cursive

Boston Cannons.....likeness to the 2006 Devil Rays, but no Black hat, only


Atlantic City Kings......likeness to the 1997 Brewers

Providence Rangers.........likeness to the phillies, but basically the

blue&red or inverted

Buffalo Arrows........likeness to the 1998 Anaheim Angels w/o wings


TEAM WIN % Chamionships Glory Days

CHI .720 11 30s, 40s, 1998-2001

ATL .670 19 30s, 50s, 80s

N.O. .560 5 50s

NY .530 12 40s, 1965-1975

TOL .515 0 Early 90s

IND .512 4 Millenium

DET .502 3 60s

LOU .490 6 70s, Late 80s

PRO .486 3 WWII, Millenium

StL .480 1 1981

BUF .475 2 Late 90s

BOS .460 1 1961

MEM .458 3 1958-1963

TEX .431 0 Millenium


Albany Otters (Buf) Albany, New York

Harrisburg Flyers(Det) Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Hartford Red Wolves(Bos) Hartford, Connecticut Reading Rockets (Tol) Reading, Pennsylvania

Scranton Elves(Prov) Scranton, Pennsylvania

Suffolk Saints (ATL) Suffolk (Long Island), New York

Trenton Breakers(NY) Trenton, New Jersey

Birmingham Hornets(Mem) Birmingham, Alabama

Chattanooga Rattlers(Lou) Chattanooga, Tennessee

Columbia Jacks(Chi) Columbia, South Carolina Little Rock Cyclones(Tex) Little Rock, Arkansas Mobile Spurs (N.O.) Mobile, Alabama Shreveport Pirates (StL) Shreveport, Louisiana

Winston-Salem Demons(Ind) Winston-Salem, North Carolina


Breakdown of where they come from:

Player Breakdown (Active Roster) mlb#

American 225 (64.2%)

Puerto Rico 35 (10.0%) 36

Taiwan 12 (3.4%) 2

Mexico 10 (2.8%) 16

Phillipines 8 (2.2%) n/a

R. Korea 8 (2.2%) 4

Holland 8 (2.2%) n/a

Cuba 7 (2.0%) 9

Canada 7 (2.0%) 16

Australia 7 (2.0%) 1

U.S. Virgin 4 (1.1%) n/a

Venezuela 4 (1.1%) 48

Italy 3 ( 0.8%) n/a

Dominican 3 (0.8%) 97

Panama 3 (0.8%) 4

Greece 2 (0.5%) n/a

Japan 2 (0.5%) 10

Colombian 1 (0.2%) 2

German 1 (0.2%) n/a

A few players you should expect to hear about:

Brad Holland CF NY Barons

Javier Ventura SRHP Boston Cannons

Mark Cochran SRHP Detroit Lynx

Ramon Ayala RF Detoit Lynx

Marques Perez RF Chicago Hawks

Jesse Suarez RRHP Chicago Hawks

Troy Bellamy CF Louisville Gents

Darryl Hyatt C Indiana Scouts

Ricardo Coleman RF St. Louis Pioneers

Juan Arsenal SS memphis hounds

javier De La Fuente SLHP New Orleans Blues

Billy McIntyre SRHP Texas Bullets

MANAGERS: Meet the personalites of strategy:

Grading Scale

A+ Hall of Famer

A Gets to Playoff

A- Does well with Team

B+ Good but Press Job

B Has had Success

B- Improved bad team

C+ Has Created Excitement

C Everyday Manager

C- Hot Seat

CLUB Name Age Experience Grade

CHI Jim Markovich 58 13 A

NY Pete Fox 49 5 B+

ATL Bob Hayes 67 21 A+

PRO Glenn Marrero 56 7 A-

DET Joe Bass 51 3 A

BUF Hank Moran 61 4 C

TOL Sid Cuccinelli 50 2 C+

NO Ben Reagan 55 3 C

LOU Art Schumacher 46 2 C+

MEM Dean Clancy 53 5 C-

StL Burt Daigle 48 1 C+

TEX Andy Barbera 58 3 C

BOS Larry McGinn 64 2 C+

IND Ken Walsh 60 9 B

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