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Help a noob please, keep getting error in EAGraphed


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1st, I wanna say this site is awesome and pretty much why I went out and bought MVP 2004.

I'm changing uniforms by using the fshtool to decompress the .fsh files into a folder where I then use Photoshop 7.0 to change the uniform look.

I make sure that I don't change the uniforms size and I magnify it to 200% to make the changes.

I then go back to EA Graphics Editor and click on a team uniform set, u059b.fsh for example. I click on hat and that opens the pic for the hat. I then hit the import button and push the "import existing external file into the current open image. I enter my new hat and hit enter and booyah, it is succesful. I even played the game and that team had the hat on so I know it worked.

Here's the problem that I don't understand. Next, i can go to change the jersey, or any other part of the team apparel for the one I just did the hat with and It won't let me "import exsisting......" I get an error that says " Access violation at address 004B250A in module 'eagraph.exe' Write of address 01D73000."

It's like clockwork, I can change the 1st uniform article on each teams uni set (hat, jersey, shoes, etc.) but after the 1st one I get that error message for the rest.

I'm probably skipping steps or something. If I could get this 2 work, man I'd have some fun. Thanks for any help guys.

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