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List of Manager faces?


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I have seen the xls files with player faces, but can't seem to find a list of manager faces in the game. Does this list exist anywhere? I want to have Sparky Anderson manage the 75 Reds, Piniella the 97 Mariners, and then use some of the current faces for huys like Walt Alston, Leo Durocher, etc...



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here is what i have. you can also use the piniella, torre, baker, etc.

faces for the players in the team met files of course. (usually have

to have the bodies as 'athletic big chest' to be proportionate though)

also, remember any no. 491 - 505 is a generic. list courtesy of

rglass. thanks.

'Manager Faces:

491,Generic 1

492,Generic 2

495,Generic 3

500,Alou, Felipe

462,Anderson, Sparky

464,Baker, Dusty

477,Bochy, Bruce

480,Bowa, Larry

468,Brenly, Bob

467,Cox, Bobby

476,Gardenhire, Ron

499,Guillen, Ozzie

470,Howe, Art

483,Hurdle, Clint

465,LaRussa, Tony

461,Lasorda, Tommy

482,Macha, Ken

478,McClendon, Lloyd

475,Melvin, Bob

494,Miley, Dave

473,Pena, Tony

466,Piniella, Lou

501,Robinson, Frank

471,Showalter, Buck

463,Torre, Joe

497,Tosca, Carlos

481,Tracy, Jim

469,Williams, Jimy

484,Yost, Ned

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