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Guillermo Mota Face


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hey, to anyone that knows how to edit faces, and maybe even o-edit, i have made a face update, with the face done, and the headshape(ord, and orl files done)

i just need someone to rename them for me to c425.fsh, c425.ord, c425.orl

they are 139.fsh, 139.ord, and 139.orl right now because i took jacque jones as a base, and took his headshape and edited him, so i need to replace the new face i made with a legend, and c425 is a legend, so it all works out

email me at eohx21@hotmail.com

and i will send u the files so u can do change the name of it because i do not know how

P.S. if u can leave your AIM, or MSN, so it would be easier to send the files


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